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Coolest Covers from my Vinyl Collection

Easily the best thing about collecting vinyl records is the cool packaging you get with it. I like CDs for their small storing size and occasional sweet extensive liner notes, but they pale next to a giant, high quality vinyl LP cover or a glorious gatefold. So, I thought I’d have a gander at my collection, and pick out the best covers.

(Hint, click on the covers to see them larger, as they need to be seen!)

The Red Krayola – Parable of Arable Land

I should preface this by saying outside of a few stragglers, my vinyl collection is mainly extremely weird stuff, with an emphasis on early electronic music and krautrock, but this is easily the weirdest cover I have, and probably the weirdest LP as well. I mean, what is that supposed to be? Still, it captures the music perfectly, a frightening thought.

Santana – Abraxas

Like we could expect anything other than batshit insanity from a Santana LP cover, it almost hurts my eyes looking at it. Also, good to see some album cover nudity, a rarity in our day and age.

Graveyard – Graveyard

A lot going on again, a bunch of girls lying around a table, two of them doing something at the bottom whilst another above them looks down disapprovingly. Two cloud people make out in the corner, and holy shit, is that a dragon made of paper?

Suicide – Suicide

This is just messy and depressing, like the music itself.

Can – Tago Mago

The back cover is just as cool, with a green version of the orange thing on the front. Is it a man’s head? Is it a mushroom cloud? Is it a ‘Mushroomhead’ (name of a song on the album)?

I do have more, but I’ll save them for next time!

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10 Responses to “Coolest Covers from my Vinyl Collection”
  1. justinstump says:

    If you want to see some kickass covers, check out Roger Dean’s stuff. He did almost every YES album cover and also a very obscure band named GUN. Their first album was HIS first cover as well and the album cover itself – without the record in the sleeve – sells for over $300.00 now. He’s a marvelous artist.

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  2. jeffro517 says:

    The art of album covers is dying with the digital age. Thanks for sharing some amazing art.

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  3. Just Paul says:

    Cool, I wrote a “Worst Covers of 2011-2012″ post the other day…check it out:


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  4. Great post! The sleeves for “Parable of Arable Land,” “Suicide,” and “Tago Mago” have the added distinction of containing some of the raddest music ever made.

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    • davindragul says:

      I’m still trying to rap my head around Parable, and Suicide just frightens me, but they are still really cool.

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