Movie Review: ‘The Last Stand’


Director: Jee-won Kim Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Peter Stormare, Eduardo Noriega, Luis Guzmán, Jaimie Alexander, Rodrigo Santoro, Zach Gilford, Johnny Knoxville Review: I am a big lover and fan of the action genre, and yes Mr. Schwarzenegger is one of my favourite action stars however he was not the main reason I was so … Continue reading

iOS Game Review: 4 Pics 1 Word


By Hedge I don’t normally do iOS game reviews. I keep meaning to, because screencaps are easy and between my iPhone and my iPad I play a shit ton of games on the platform, but sadly most mobile games don’t seem to offer enough meat to warrant a full review. I’m mostly a fan of … Continue reading

The X-Files Retro Review: The Pilot


“Pilot” S1E1 At the FBI, a young nubile 25 year old Special Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), reminiscent of Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs, struts into the office to receive her new orders. She is to shadow Special Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovany) and take detailed notes of his activity. He is … Continue reading

Is Pirates of the Caribbean just Star Wars?


Two of the flagship “adventure” trilogies in Hollywood are together in Disney after the recent purchasing of Lucasfilm LTD. by the Mouse for an insurmountable sum of money…. which got me thinking about them side by side.  While no, Pirates of the Caribbean can’t match the awesome power of Star Wars (what can really?) side … Continue reading

The Pull List: Must Read Comics of 2/27/13


Batman Incorporated #8 By: Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99 The Lowdown: Issue 12 is almost here and Grant Morrison’s Batman opus will come to a close. With this issue Batman Inc comes to a turning point, just look out for New York Post which spoils this issue. Avengers Arena #5 By: Dennis Hopeless, … Continue reading

Five Behind-the-Scenes Stories That Will Ruin Your Favourite Movies

wizard of oz

Hey folks – this article has been blowing up today, so in response we wrote a follow up! Here’s ANOTHER 6 stories to ruin your favourite movies! Hope you didn’t like ‘Back to the Future’ or ‘Harry Potter’… So that favourite movie of yours? We’re going to ruin it. If this troubles you then you … Continue reading

10 Best Dressed Ladies at the 2013 Academy Awards

oscar red carpet

1. Naomi Watts in in Armani Privé 2. Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani 3. Sally Field in Valentino 4. Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen 5. Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Couture 6. Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton 7. Kerry Washington in Miu Miu 8. Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta 9. Alicia Vikander in … Continue reading

Book Recommendations: February 2013

By Appa the Gypsy Maybe you’re like me, and you’re forever drowning in that pile of books to read that’s always growing, and never seems to shrink. Maybe you wish you read more, but you don’t know what’s worth picking up. Either way, there really is never enough time to wade through the contents of … Continue reading

Awesome Website Alert: Hipster Community on tumblr

hipsclomm No, its not a community for hipster. It is a site of quotes of everyone’s favorite tv show, Community, superimposed over pictures of hipster bullshit. It brilliantly pokes fun at hipsters. Ironically, its can also be seen as sincerely hipster, which I bet the hipsters love. And now suddenly I hate it. Shame!

The 10 Most Stupid Things About the Oscars

Oscar Winners 2013

Ah, the Oscars. A night of glamor and fame. Celebrating our most prolific entertainment industry and seeing how the other half party. It’s also a complete crock of shit. It’s fun to get caught up in the spectacle of the event but don’t get upset if your favorite pick gets passed over because, as this … Continue reading