Disney Dinner and a Movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991)


Beauty and the Beast is one of the most-loved Disney films and with good reason. It’s s famous fairy-tale reimagined with colorful characters and award-winning songs. In my opinion Beauty and the Beast isn’t the best Disney film when it comes to visuals but it is the characters of the movie that make it so amazing. Besides the headstrong heroine and the good-hearted yet gruff hero we get the most interesting and unforgettable cast of supporting characters. Mrs. Potts is the grandma we’ve always wanted, Chip is adorable, and Lumiere and Cogsworth steal every scene they’re in. Not to mention the loveable Maurice and despicable yet entertaining Gaston. Beauty and the Beast is a film that will never go out of fashion.


If any scene in a Disney film inspires one to cook it is the “Be Our Guest” performance in Beauty and the Beast. Lumiere and the crew entice Belle with a long list of the delectable treats their kitchen can produce. I used some key words from the song for inspiration for my menu, as well as other typical French food that I couldn’t resist making.


For breakfast I absolutely had to make crepes since they are one the quintessential French foods. Strawberries and chocolate are my two favorite foods so naturally I went with these ingredients for my crepes. I also topped them with powdered sugar to make them even more delectable. There are many different types of crepes, both savory and sweet, as well as scores of recipes for each type on the internet. I used this recipe for simple vegan crepes and filled them with strawberries and a chocolate sauce I made from melting chocolate chips.


One line in the song “Be Our Guest” refers to the Soup du Jour. I am a huge fan of soups so I found a vegan French Onion Soup recipe to try. It was quite delicious and if you use the right faux cheese, you can’t even tell the difference. I am fan of Trader Joe’s Mozzarella-flavored soy cheese which doesn’t taste bad at all and even melts like real cheese.


For dinner I made yet another “Be Our Guest” buzzword: soufflé. Being a vegan I couldn’t make a real soufflé so I found this surprisingly scrumptious recipe for a cauliflower and cashew cheese “soufflé” online. I doubt non-vegans would want to substitute this for a traditional soufflé but I do highly suggest it as a side dish as it is simply delicious. You can find the recipe here.


Beauty and the Beast is the perfect choice for this blog, not only is it a famous and delightful Disney film but its connection with delectable dining can’t be beat. There was a bevy of scenes that involved food from Gaston’s beer to the Beast’s breakfast lesson in etiquette. I found a few buzzwords that interested me and had an entire day of Beauty and the Beast fun. It was a scrumptious experience and I look forward to the next Disney themed meal.

Coming Soon: Alice in Wonderland

6 Responses to “Disney Dinner and a Movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991)”
  1. only1katieb says:

    Beauty & the Beast is my fave Disney movie ever. Btw, those crepes look delicious:) Katie B @ Minerva Collection – UK Handbags & Jewellery


  2. SMRT says:

    Reblogged this on World of Color and commented:
    I kind of want to try cooking things out of disney movies now!


  3. Paul C. says:

    Beauty and the Beast is arguably the best Disney movie ever made and a personal favorite of mine so I really love this collaboration. An epic movie with an equally worthy and epic meal, well done.


  4. Paul C. says:

    That ballroom scene is iconic and ahead of it’s time for animation standards with the gorgeous 360 spin.. classic! Now I am gonna throw on the movie lol… but my meal won’t come out as good.


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