Who Does Marvel Have in Mind for Vin Diesel?

Marvel Vin Diesel

Down on his luck action star, Vin Diesel, who was primed for stardom clawed his way back to action star hopeful with the recent (and totally unbelievable) comeback of the Fast and Furious franchise. (Seriously, who saw that coming). A few weeks ago, he posted on his facebook page:

“P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…”

And with that knowledge, I cannot help but speculate.

Marvel Vin Diesel

Rocket Raccoon and/or Groot

Why them: Well, Guardians of the Galaxy has started filming already, and writer/director still hasn’t cast what he considers to be the heart of the team, Rocket Raccoon, an anthropomorphic gun-slinging raccoon, or his best buddy, a giant, anthropomorphic tree.

Would he be good: I think so, surprisingly. Groot is obvious with Diesel’s deep voice. Think The Iron Giant, but whoever voices Rocket Raccoon should probably be sort of ironic. The voice shouldn’t be a voice that would come from a raccoon which is what makes it gel so well with Rocket.

Marvel Vin Diesel


Why him: Thanos is the big Big Bad of the whole Marvel cinematic universe, and they still haven’t cast him. Big, bulky, loud voice, bald head. Vin Diesel seems like the kind of guy who  studio exec would put on their list.

Would he be good: Hell no! Thanos isn’t some bar bouncer. Thanos is an intergalactic Ghenghis Khan. A purple Atilla the Hun. He should have a level of Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones type presence.

Marvel Vin Diesel


Why him: A few years ago, Vin Diesel put a picture of the Vision has his Facebook profile picture. The fans rejoiced!

Would he be good: Don’t think so. There is something about comic book forums constantly suggesting bald actor for bald character as if razors don’t exist. I’m pretty sure his cueball is the only reason anyone has ever suggested him for a super smart android.

Vin Diesel Marvel


Why him: The movie rights for Blade were recently returned to Marvel Studios in a big bulk return of a bunch of characters that Marvel passed around like some crazy yard sale.

Would he be good: Hell yeah. There are a little of similarities between Blade and Riddick, and while Vin might not have the martial arts prowess of Wesley Snipes, he does have an animal ferocity.

Marvel Vin Diesel

Ronan the Accuser

Why him: Like I said before, Guardians of the Galaxy has already started filming. Ronan the Accuser has been rumored a number of times and still hasn’t been cast. Then again, there is a lot of actors connected to the movie

Would he be good: I think he’d be pretty good actually. He’s got the size and presence to make this role good.

Vin Diesel Marvel

Luke Cage

Why him: Just like Black Panther, Luke Cage is one of those superheroes that fans are starting to demand from Marvel. For good reason, since there isn’t many black superheroes.

Would he be good: Probably, but when guys like Terry Crews exists and The Rock and even that Old Spice guy have lobbied for the role, Vin Diesel will never be the best choice. (Actually he’d be better than the Old Spice guy).

6 Responses to “Who Does Marvel Have in Mind for Vin Diesel?”
  1. mermsickle says:

    Blade would be sweet. I was pretty surprised when I learned he was the voice of the iron giant.


  2. Thinking Thanos !


  3. ari826 says:

    Lmao this a funny post…first of all forget F & F making a comeback, Disney has single handedly chewed up and spat our Marvel comics (for e.g. Finnaeus and Ferb With Avenegers?) I hope they don’t make him Blade or Luke Cage! Vision seems to be the winner.


  4. slamadams says:

    Got to add another name to the lost now that some news has broken. Ultron!


  5. Marvel Studios recently got the rights to the Punisher back . . .


  6. ilamont says:

    Just a quick update needed here, I think. As far as I know, Ronan the Accuser is being played by Lee Pace. This is just what I’ve read from Comic-Con.
    http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=38194 This be the link.

    Other than that! I am equally curious about which character Vin Diesel is going to play. Can’t quite picture him as Thanos, but maybe.


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