Your Guide the New X-Men in ‘Days of Future Past’

Days of Future Past

We’ve already taken a look at the X-Men we’re happy to not see in the upcoming timeline mash-up that is Days of Future Past. It’s time to find out who is going to be joining the extensive and stellar cast! Overall we’ve got a pretty solid line-up.


Bishop Days of Future Past

Played by Omar Sy

Sometimes the X-Men have found themselves caught up in adventures that carry them through time. Usually the first Tuesday of every month. One of these jaunts introduced the character of Bishop, who comes from a point decades in the future. In his time the world had endured control by the Sentinels, leading humans and mutants to join forces against their robot overlords. Bishop wears the distinctive ‘M’ tattooed over his eye to indicate his status as a mutant, and he wears the uniform of the XSE – a law enforcement agency made up of mutants who pay tribute to Xavier. In this future the fate of the X-Men remains unknown, but before travelling to the past Bishops discovers that they were wiped out by one of their own. The only remaining survivor is Gambit, now referring to himself as the Prince of Secrets.

Bishop has the ability to absorb and repel energy attacks. For example if he was struck by Cyclops’s eye blast Bishop would absorb the beam and fire it back. Bishop can also store this energy to increase his strength. He compliments this ability with a range of futuristic armaments.


Quicksilver Days of Future Past

Played by Evan Peters

One aspect of Magneto’s life that has never been addressed in the movies is his children. Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, known as Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch, have had shifting allegiances over the years. Initially members of the League of Evil Mutants under the command of their father they’ve also been members of The Avengers and X-Factor. Quicksilver has long been at odds with his father, who sees Pietro as evidence of his own moment of weakness – falling in love with a human woman. Quicksilver has fought against his father just as often as he has fought for him, and seeks his father’s approval as much as he seeks to be free of him.

Quicksilver’s mutant power allows him to move at incredible speed. Although there are a number of mutants with speed as their power it is very possible that Quicksilver is the fastest. He can reach a running speed of Mach 10 without and side effects. He also thinks at an incredible high speed, making him impatient and often bitter.

It’s worth noting that Quicksilver will also appear in the sequel to The Avengers, played by Aaron Johnson, in another continuity.


Blink Days of Future Past

Played by Fan Bingbing

Although the character of Blink was killed off inside of a month of her creation she return in the Age of Apocalypse alternative dimension saga, where her popularity saw her revived in the main canon. Due to her mutation Blink has pink skin, pointed ears and luminous green eyes, but she’s as human as the next mutant. She’s a strong, independent character who has struggled to obtain control over her powers. Blink can create teleportation portals either for herself or others, and can use charged up small, thrown objects to create portals in other places. She can use the portals defensively by teleporting her foes to a chosen location or teleporting one part of them.


Warpath Days of Future Past

Played by Booboo Stewart

During their first couple of years in publication the X-Men didn’t fare well in sales and was all but cancelled. In an attempt to save the flailing title a second wave of characters was introduced, each with mutant powers strangely specific to their nationality (a Japanese character with sun powers, a Russian ‘man of steel’). Among them was Thunderbird, an Apache Native American with super speed, strength and durability. He lasted two missions. Years later they decided he still had some potential so they brought in his brother, Warpath, who has the same powers and is basically the same person. Plus he can fly. Warpath has played the heavy for some of the spin-off X-Men teams since his introduction. 


Sunspot Days of Future Past

Played by Adan Canto

Growing up as in Rio de Janerio as the son of a wealthy businessman, Roberto de Costa was set to become a champion soccer player until an on-pitch fight caused his mutant power to manifest. Sunspot had the immense power to absorb solar energy, store it within himself and unleash it in powerful blasts. Combined with the ability to fly this ability makes Sunspot one of the more powerful mutants, with only his youth an inexperience holding him back as a soldier.

Bolivar Trask and the Sentinel Program

Bolivar Trask Days of Future Past

Played by Peter Dinklage

Although not a mutant Trask is an important figure in the world of mutants. During the early years of the mutant phenomenon the United States government grew fearful of further attacks by Magneto and other dangerous mutants and contracted Boliver Trask to initiate his ‘Sentinel Program’. Trask was sure of his role in the fight for good, but the building sized robotic mutant hunters called Sentinels would prove to be more than a simple law initiative. As with any artificial intelligence the robots would eventually put their mission to hunt mutants ahead of all other concerns, including protecting other humans. Ironically Bolivar’s children would be revealed to be mutants, leading him to create cloaking and suppression technology to protect them from his own creation.

Sentinals Days of Future Past

8 Responses to “Your Guide the New X-Men in ‘Days of Future Past’”
  1. Jamie Z. says:

    Glad to see some diversity in here, X-Men is pretty good with that. Would have liked a few more ladies though.


    • gfunk101 says:

      I am a bit miffed that, once again, Bishop has gone from being an indigenous Australian to African American again. Seems to happen about 50% of the time.

      It’s a minor quibble though.


  2. I’m miffed that Nightcrawler won’t be in it. He seems to have just disappeared after X2. They’ve put a huge focus on Wolverine, since he’s the most popular of the X-Men. But they seem to have disregarded the 2nd and 3rd most popular are Nightcrawler and Gambit (last I checked, at least). Wolverines a total badass and I love him, but I don’t want to start getting tired of him. Give us some balance, focus the story somewhere else for a bit. I on’t know. This comment is scrambled.


    • gfunk101 says:

      I’ve had a rant about the Wolverine dominance brewing for a while, waiting to be written. I don’t like that he is the centre of every story in a team based title, especially when he has his own title. The original ‘Days of Future Past’ comic featured Shadowcat travelling through time, not Wolverine, yet once again he has to be front and centre.

      It would make sense if Shadowcat wasn’t an established character in the films. She’s there, and even played by a popular actress.


      • Indeed. It’s probably a money thing, or the geeks behind the scenes playing out their wolverine fantasies. I imagine the fantasy bit is pretty common. Like one of the writers for X2 was a Storm/Nightcrawler OTP kind of guy. I can’t blame them for wanting to put their most favorite character in the spotlight, but I can definitely judge them. Or maybe it’s the other way around. No judgement, full blame.


      • gfunk101 says:

        Personally I’d just like to see a comic about a team focus on the team dynamic.


      • That would be cool. Something that’s mainly just exposition, with the villains falling into a sort of sub plot that serves mainly to see how they react and how they react with one another. It would be popular. I mean, look at Doctor Who.


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