Who Are the Writers?

This is a blog created by a person with too much time on his hands and too much love for geeky hobbies. We love movies, games, comics, books, arranging things into Top 10’s, ranting and other geeky passtimes, and we love being able to share those hobbies with anyone who’d care to listen (and those who don’t care)! Each contributor is here simply because of our passion for the material – feel free to browse our writings, leave a comment and subscribe so you don’t miss the next self-righteous rambling about whether Superman or Batman would win in a fight!

FYI, the answer is Batman. Always Batman.

Want to contact us? Interesting in contributing?

Email: gfunk@houseofgeekery.com



Batman_Avatar_by_Kobi123Role: Administrator, Writer
Real Life Occupation: Educator
Location: Australia
Areas of Interest: Movies, comics, games
Areas of Obsession: Batman, Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim
Favourite Articles to Write: Top 10s, opinion pieces, retro reviews
Where to Find Me Online: You’ve found him.

Real Name: Rick
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Accounts Payable
Location: Lowell, MA, USA
Areas of Interest: Movies, Comics, and TV
Areas of Obsession: Indie movies, long-arc television shows, and B-list Marvel/DC characters
Favourite Articles to Write: Top 10s, movie reviews
Where to Find Me Online: https://twitter.com/rgregan

Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Environmentalist
Location: East Coast, USA
Areas of Interest: Movies, comics, televison, literature,
Areas of Obsession: Batman, Joss Whedon, Horror, Disney
Favourite Articles to Write: Disney Dinner and a Movie, Casting Calls


Role: Writer, Banner Making Guy
Real Life Occupation: Teacher
Location: Perth, Australia
Areas of Interest: Books, movies, comics, games, random nerdy bullshit
Areas of Obsession: The Walking Dead, Pixar, Adventure Time, Dr Who, Videogames
Favourite Articles to Write: Reviews, opinion pieces, retrospectives
Where to Find Me Online: http://twitter.com/#!/carichanley


Real Name: Marcey
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Freelance writer
Location: Melb, Australia
Areas of Interest: Movies, comics, games, tv shows, tech, puppies
Areas of Obsession: Supergirl, Superman, Star Trek, Star Wars, horror cinema, action cinema, Michael Fassbender
Favourite Articles to Write: Reviews
Where to Find Me Online: http://www.twitter.com/supermarcey


Real Name: Jes
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Development Assistant (theater), Editor (Groupon)
Location: Chicago, IL
Areas of Interest: Movies, TV, History, General Media
Areas of Obsession: British TV (Esp. Sherlock, Doctor Who), Vampires, It changes every month…
Favourite Articles to Write: Top 10’s, Rants, Opinion pieces, Still figuring this out.


Real Name: Corina
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Student/Checkout Chick
Location: Perth, Australia
Areas of Interest: Film, television, books, writing, literature
Areas of Obsession: Fantasy novels, Joss Whedon, Dr Who, Disney, Superheroes, movies in general…
Favourite Articles to Write: Websites We Like, Ten Random Thoughts, TV and Film Reviews


Real Name: Randy
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Creative Services
Location: Tijuana, Mexico/San Diego, CA, US
Areas of Interest: Movies, movies, movies, TV, video games
Areas of Obsession: Movies
Favourite Articles to Write: Top 10s, opinion pieces,
Where to Find Me Online: @imrandyforfilm in twitter.


Real Name: Paul Congiusta
Role: Writer, Reviewer
Real Life Occupation: College Student
Location: NJ, USA
Areas of Interest: Movies, Comics, Reviews, Geek-Lit
Areas of Obsession: Tolkien, Batman, Game of Thrones
Favourite Articles to Write: Movie Reviews, DC vs. Marvel, Movie blogs


Bryan E

Real Name: Bryan
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: American Eagle Outfitters sales associate; writer
Location: New York, USA
Areas of Interest: Horror movies, literature, blogging
Areas of Obsession: Horror movies, literature, Doctor Who, British culture
Favourite Articles to Write: Reviews, blogs/rants


Real Name: Josh
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Student, Freelance Writer
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Areas of Interest: Movies, music, basketball, AFL (that’s Aussie Rules Football to you overseas types)
Areas of Obsession: Good films, jangle pop, weird TV shows
Favourite Articles to Write: Top 10s, opinion pieces, retro reviews
Pasted Graphic
Real Name: Matt
Role: Editor
Real Life Occupation: Security Guard
Location: Indiana
Areas of Interest: Movies, TV Shows, The future of visual storytelling
Areas of Obsession: Lost, Doctor Who, Chris Nolan, Danny Boyle, Binge-Viewing TV Shows
Favorite Topics to Write About: Movies, TV shows, the nature of the entertainment industry
Where to Find Me Onlinehttp://www.obsessiveviewer.com / http://www.twitter.com/ObsessiveViewer

: Editor
Real Life Occupation: Blogger
Location: Orlando
Areas of Interest: Movies, TV, Videogames
Areas of Obsession: Movies and TV
Favorite Articles to Write: Reviews, Lists, Box Office
Where to Find Me Onlinewww.macthemovieguy.com


Real Name: Davin
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Warehouse worker
Location: Perth, Australia
Areas of Interest: Comics, Movies
Areas of Obsession: classic horror, DC Comics, Doctor Who
Favourite Articles to Write: As Bad as You Thought?, Retrogeek


Real Name: Omar
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: Student
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Areas of Interest: Movies, weather, and random facts
Areas of Obsession: Horror, Action, Emma Stone, Wrestling, Bad Movies
Favourite Articles to Write: Lists
Where to Find Me Online: http://twitter.com/MovieDrone


Real Name: Lee
Role: Tech Adviser
Real Life Occupation: Digital Systems / Ethics Trainer for Lawyers
Location: Perth, Australia
Areas of Interest: Games, Web Comics, Music (mostly electronic), Macroeconomics, US Politics, Progressivism
Areas of Obsession: XKCD, The West Wing (… actually everything by Aaron Sorkin), Deadwood, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, anything with Edward Norton, Starcraft I and II, Rachel Maddow.
Favourite Articles to Write: N/A – I’m the tech adviser!


Real Name: Matthew
Role: Writer, Guy that watches too much Game Of Thrones
Real Life Occupation: Mafie Hit-Man
Location: Scotland, UK
Areas of Interest: TV, Films, Videogames
Areas of Obsession: Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto
Favourite Articles to Write: TV Reviews, Top 10s. Random stuff that makes it sound like I know what I’m talking about.


Real Name: Drew Pan
Role: Writer
Real Life Occupation: 3D animator
Location: Singapore
Areas of Interest: Movies, games
Areas of Obsession: Underdog movies, retro games, Sonic the Hedgehog
Favourite Articles to Write: Opinion pieces, retro reviews, movie reviews
Where to Find Me Online: twitter.com/drewpan


Real Name: Jon
Role: Writer for hire
Real Life Occupation: Graduate Student
Location: St Andrews Scotland
Areas of Interest: Movies, TV, Books, Comics, Politics
Areas of Obsession: Horror Movies, Classic Books, British TV and Batman
Favorite Article To Write: Lists, Rants, Opinions, Reviews
Where To Find Me Online: Twitter @jgreenaway3


Hiya, my name is LegendarySuit (or just Suit…or Jonathan to some) and I’m a lover of a lot of things. These things are movies, TV, video games, music, comics and much more. This love goes back years to the first time I ever saw The Dark Crystal. This film just made me love movies and the rest is history. I’m currently in college sure but it is these things and my love for them that truly eat up my free time. Apart from being a contributer here, I also co-host The Digital Dudes podcast where me and another fellow geek discuss anything and everything that relates to digital media. You can find the podcast on Twitter (@TheDDPodcast) or Facebook (just search The Digital Dudes). Also you can follow me on Twitter (@legendaryjonny)Things I Spend Way Too Much Time On: Watching TV shows and playing PS3 (find me at AutumnLeaves89 on PSN)
Random Fact: I actually have a degree in Criminal Justice

14 Responses to “Who Are the Writers?”
  1. Essentially spider man doesn’t have a weakness, it isn’t ever explored in the movies, he can only get severely low on energy. So hence Spiderman is invincible as opposed to the other superheroes. Allowing him to win any fight.


  2. mariawriter says:

    Love this idea…looking forward to reading through your blog and future posts :-)


  3. HEYAA!!! I have nominated you guys for the ‘Kreativ Blogger Award’ To read your nomination follow the link to my post…


    I hope you like it and enjoy :)


  4. lo says:



  5. I absolutely love this site and wish I’d seen it months ago, lots to catch up on. Great concept and execution guys!
    Considering there are a bunch of you writers who make up the site I have no idea if this is a waste of time to mention, but I’d be honored if any of you checked out my movie blog that I’m quite proud of:

    But regardless, consider me a new follower, keep up the fun work!


  6. angryscholar says:

    Yeah, definitely Batman. He’s already beat Supes like five times anyway.


  7. holdrelf says:

    Hey there! I nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award and, if you’d like to accept, you can click here: http://thereandbackagainawhittietale.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/blogger-award/
    I figure you guys already have awards coming out the wazoo, but this blog has been a geek paradise for me and I felt you deserved my nomination :)


  8. Hey there! You guys run an awesome blog, and I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine award!


  9. You guys seem like a lot of fun, lol, great blog, can’t wait to read up on future posts :)


    • gfunk101 says:

      Hey, thanks!


  10. I just wanted to leave you a little note saying that I stumbled across this blog by accident and absolutely love it. You guys have everything here that I absolutely adore and a really fun way of writing about it. It’s so nice to find another community of geeks out there.
    Geek on guys :)


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