Profile: Writer, Cosplayer & Creator. I'm a humble geek enjoying a wonderfully nerdtastic life, and I surround myself with like-minded individuals who get my down-to-earth, sometimes sarcastic but always fantastic nature. Too corny? I don't mind. Cosplaying and writing is in the heart of every-day of my life, and I enjoy creating worlds around both. I run a blog called Alter Ego Cosplay and frequent the convention scene as often as possible. I volunteer for charity as a costumed actor, and find myself stumbling into new opportunities and experiences that heighten the happiness in my life in ways I hadn't known before. The community is amazing, the material brilliant and the entertainment beyond compare. So whatever you do, and whatever you're here for--be excellent to each other. Live long, prosper, find the Force and most of all don't just survive--endure.

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