Get Your Stuff Reviewed!

So you’re a writer? Film-maker? Comic artist? Some other form of creative individual?

Whether you have a self-funded, independent publication or you represent a major organisation the House of Geekery would love to publish a review of your works! Get in touch at

Physical copies are preferred in most cases but PDFs and most video formats will be accepted. Due to limitations of time and manpower only published (or soon to be published) works will be accepted for review.

4 Responses to “Get Your Stuff Reviewed!”
  1. Literally anything? Can I send you smut–I write smut.

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  2. How about a video game podcast? I’d love to hear what you guys think of us!

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  3. chrisdsav says:

    Don’t know how to contact any other blogger other than their comments but we could use HELP with an article for my gender Swapped Dracula
    Here is my kick starter for Dracula
    Please re-post and help us spread the word


    • gfunk101 says:

      Send info to


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