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Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Hotline Miami’

Hotline Miami

For the second entry of our new weekly series, we’re going to get crazy. Platform: Windows, OSX, Linus, Playstation 3 and Vita (coming soon on PS4) Price Range: Currently free for Playstation Plus members, around $10 on Steam (available subject to region) Review: Surprisingly this game was inspired by the movie Drive, but don’t expect to play as … Continue reading

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Cheap Game Tuesday – ‘The Binding of Isaac’

Binding of Isaac

It’s an expensive time to be a gamer, especially in Australia. A Triple-A new release is going to set you back around $110, and that’s without the bonus editions and downloads and whatever else. It’s little wonder the trade scams are flourishing - swapping in finished titles is the only way to afford new games. In … Continue reading

Oz Comic Con Hands On – ‘Mario Kart 8′


By Hedge Available on: WiiU Exclusive Released: May 30, 2014 At the recent Oz Comic Con here in Perth, I had the opportunity to get some hands on time with the newest edition to the Mario Kart franchise, MK8 – a WiiU exclusive due out in May this year. I’ve been a Mario Kart fan … Continue reading

Retro Game Review: ‘Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake’ (Part 2 of a Series)

Metal Gear 2

As we make our way through the Metal Gear Solid Legacy collection we learn that while Famincon’s Metal Gear planted the roots of the franchise it’s the MSX2 release Metal Gear 2 that saw the concept grow in to the series we know today. Staples such as an on-screen radar, fourth wall breaking puzzles and recurring characters feature … Continue reading

Videogame Review: ‘Outlast’


By Hedge Available on: PC, PS4 Played on: PS4 I’m a little late to the game, if you’ll pardon the pun, when it comes to Outlast. As a mac user, I’m often behind the curve on Windows only and Windows-first releases. So I waited until Red Barrels’ recent survival horror game hit the Playstation 4, … Continue reading

The REAL Problem with the Sonic Boom Redesigns

Sonic Boom title

In the past few weeks the redesigned cast of the Sonic franchise were revealed to the public. In the image below we can see the elongated legs and bandaged limbs of Tails, Sonic, Knuckles and…Pink Thing. The gaming corners of the internet lost their collective shit. Much mocking and gnashing of teeth were heard. Here … Continue reading

Game Review: ‘Octodad: The Dadliest Catch’


This game is…quirky. Genuinely quirky, not the Zooey Deschanel marketing quirky. You play a husband and father who is going about his day to day. Making coffee, doing the groceries, and so on. This man, however, has a secret. He’s an octopus. Literally an octopus, wearing a suit and posing as a human. There’s a … Continue reading

Table Top Review: ‘A Game of Thrones’

GoT Board

Review based on the 2nd Edition of the game. Style: Strategy Board Game. Players: 3-6. Length of Game: 2 hours. The Gameplay: This is a strategy game in the sense that A Song of Ice and Fire is a simple fantasy story. From a distance it looks like a themed version of Risk with each player taking on the leadership … Continue reading

Hedgehog’s Most Anticipated Games of the New Generation

New Gen Consoles

By Hedge The next generation is upon us, and with it come a whole slew of newly announced games to whet our appetites. VGX ahs just ended, giving us even more titles to look forward to. These are my most anticipated games of the coming year and by all the evidence I am going to … Continue reading

X-Box One Review


In the console war, there are X-Box fans, and there are Playstation fans. South Park has documented this rather thoroughly over the past couple weeks. I am an X-Box fan. I wasn’t initially planning on getting the X-Box One at launch, but I did. Impulsively. I impulsively spent 532 dollars (plus a little more for … Continue reading