Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Super Time-Force Ultra’


Oh joy, another retro style indie game with ridiculous difficulty and a quirky sense of humour. That’s not unlike a billion other titles on Steam at the moment. But it’s free on the Playstation Network so I’m going to give it a go. Everything starts of expected. There’s retro style pixel graphics and a catchy … Continue reading

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’


This addition to the PSN store has been garnering positive reviews and has a great title, which caught our attention. It also has been billed as a ‘spiritual successor’ to the game Dear Esther, which set off warning lights. Not wanting to offend those who enjoyed Dear Esther, but that thing was deathly boring. If you’re unfamiliar … Continue reading

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Exploding Kittens’

exploding kitten

Needless to say, this isn’t the first tabletop game to employ an attention getting title. It’s evocative of the already popular ‘Kittens in a Blender’. Yet this game has become a pre-order smash hit after it’s massively successful Kickstarter campaign. For a modestly packaged card game, it raised close to an amazing US$9million through a … Continue reading

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Heroes Wanted’


Let me start with a story. About a year ago I joined a local gaming collective called WABA (Western Australian Boardgaming Association) in order to meet like minded board gaming enthusiasts and try some new challenges. It’s a fantastic group of people and I always have a good time at the meets. But the first … Continue reading

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘One Night Ultimate Werewolf’


Here’s a simple game that I was introduced to over the weekend, immediately went out and bought and played dozens of times since. Each game lasts roughly ten minutes and usually involves a lot of yelling, which is just awesome. We’ve already got the ‘Daybreak’ expansion on the way so we can get larger groups … Continue reading

Top 10 ‘Arkham Knight’ Easter Eggs (That Should be Expanded On)


Batman: Arkham Knight is a massive game. The sandbox is big and detailed, with dozens upon dozens of individually designed buildings. The designers have embraced the opportunity to pack it full of easter eggs referencing Batman comics and the wider DC universe. Now that Rocksteady have finished their trilogy of top shelf Batman games people have … Continue reading

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Love Letter: Batman’

batman love letter

Even if you only occasionally dip into modern board games, you’re likely to have seen Love Letter. The wonderfully concise card game involves luck, bluffing and memory, is easily stored in its little pouch and is quick enough to work as a buffer between longer games. It’s one of the best new card games of recent … Continue reading

Netflix Doco Binge: Gaming is Fun! (‘Atari: Game Over’ and ‘Indie Game: The Movie’)


Ah, the mid-year marking and reporting nightmare is at an end! That means this is the last delve into docos for the time being. We’ve already covered Nerd Culture, Porn, Internet Makers and the business of Love, Sex and Immigration,  now we’re going to merge bits of all of them together for video games. Except … Continue reading

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Fallout Shelter’


We try and avoid mobile games that come with in-game purchases, but this one gets a pass because it hasn’t been designed around trying to squeeze extra dollars out of the players pocket, and carries with it a solid brand. Bethesda Studios is well known for it’s detailed, expansive fictional worlds. The fantasy setting of … Continue reading

The Geekery Guide: The History of Arkham Asylum

arkham asylum tas

Do you know what comes out in a week? Batman: Arkham Knight, the third part in Rocksteady’s awesome trilogy of games! These story driven, action and stealth masterpieces rank among the best games ever made, and they all started with Batman trapped inside the infamous Arkham Asylum with some of his most dangerous enemies. What we saw in … Continue reading