Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Prison Architect’


Whilst the rest of the niche market for management sims are getting all bunched up about Cities Skyline I find myself back in the time sink that is my favourite management sim: Prison Architect. I’ve spoken about this one before, but every couple of months I head back into the game to find dozens of new features … Continue reading

An Incomplete History of ‘Aliens’ (and ‘Predator’) in Video Games: A Personal Journey


I’m an adult. Got a job and a car and children and everything. And like many people in my age group I play video games. Having been born in 1980 I was part of the generation who saw the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry during its infancy. We went to friends houses to play Atari, lined … Continue reading

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Sherlock: The Network’


We don’t usually get into iOS and Android games in this series because the once innovated platform for creativity has become a cesspit for knock-offs and endless ‘games’ designed to strain every last cent out of players pockets. We do keep half an eye on the App Store though, because we occasionally catch something worthwhile. … Continue reading

We Have to Retire the #gamergate Hashtag


Do you want to paint a target on yourself? Go on to any social media site and say something – anything – with the #gamergate hashtag. Regardless of your views on this topic using this phrase potentially puts you in the crosshairs. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to have stalkers at your door and … Continue reading

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘The Doom That Came to Atlantic City’

doom logo

Publisher: Cryptozoic Players: 2-4 Play Time: 45 Minutes Genre: Dice rolling, hand management Review: Oh dear. Oh dearie dear. Here’s a game that went from Kickstarter success story to cautionary tale. After the Lovecraftian themed reverse-Monopoly launched on the crowd sourcing site it reached it’s goal and then much, much more, instantly marking it as a board gaming event … Continue reading

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘This War of Mine’

this war of mine

War is hell, man. Not that you’s know it from the average output from the video game industry. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had a fairly well executed anti-war message but it kinda got over shadowed by handing the players a big machine gun and entertaining them by hitting the front lines and kicking ass. … Continue reading

‘Shadow of Mordor’ – One Trick Pony?


So Shadow of Mordor is a game set in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ fictional universe. It came out in 2014 and received many accolades and rank on more than a couple of Best of Year lists. I played it, and recently finished it, and by the end of the game I was left with one … Continue reading

Cheap Game Tuesday: ’80 Days’


Ah, the glory days of the iOS App store, where bedroom programmers and artists flocked to the new platform to build their careers on innovation and originality. Now it’s a mess of Candy Crush Saga, Smurf’s Village and Age of War clones. Getting originality out of the app store had become less likely than it … Continue reading

Why the Flip is Kevin Smith in My New ‘Lego Batman’ Game?


A couple of weeks ago I scored a PS4 for my birthday. It was a happy moment indeed. This was followed up with a copy of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham in my Christmas stocking. It now shares shelf space with GTA5, Far Cry 4 and Shadows of Mordor. Usually I like my games with more story and … Continue reading

10 Disappointments Geeks Faced in 2014

Man, we can be suckers. Every year there’s something we get overhyped for whether through over blown or misleading marketing or building it up in our own minds, and we sometimes get are expectations completely crushed. In the future we can remember 2014 as the year that gave us Guardians of the Galaxy and Shadows of Mordor but … Continue reading