Tribute – Sir Christopher Lee R.I.P.


Oh, man. Even though I’m a 3rd his age I assumed that Sir Christopher Lee was going to outlive me. He’d accumulated so much badass awesomeness in his time that it would make sense he’d been granted immortality. No force on this world could be powerful enough to fell Sir Christopher Lee, professional Legend. In … Continue reading

‘You’re Next’ vs ‘The Guest’


Director Adam Wingard has been releasing his work for over ten years but recently burst onto the horror scene with recent successes like You’re Next (2011) and The Guest (2014). He’s also submitted segments for the popular V/H/S (Segment: “Tape 56″) film and its sequel V/H/S 2 (Segment ” Phase I Clinical Trials”). In today’s showdown … Continue reading

What the New ‘Poltergeist’ Movie is Really About

Poltergeist 2015

So they’ve remade Tope Hooper’s (or Steven Spielberg, depending on who you ask) classic horror Poltergeist. This will come as no shock to anyone who’s been alive for the past decade. Unlike most of the remakes this one made some degree of sense, as the original has not aged especially well. Will this be, as the trailer … Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Spring’


Directed by: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead Starring: Lou Taylor and Pucci and Nadia Hilker Plot: A troubled American flees to Italy to clear his head and sparks a romance with a woman with a dark secret. Review: There was a time very recently within the last few years that I would have said that finding a … Continue reading

10 Horror Films to Watch in April


April is a busy month: April Fool’s Day, Easter, Passover, Spring Break, Spring itself. What better way to celebrate then with ten themed horror films? 1. April Fool’s Day (1986) Start off your month with this 80’s slasher classic about a bunch of college kids on a remote island who get picked off one by one. The … Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Stephen King Novels: Part II


There’s not much sense in doing a preamble to the second part of an article and as a great horror writer once wrote, “Like all sweet dreams, it will be brief, but brevity makes sweetness, doesn’t it?”  So without further exposition here is the second half of my top ten favorite Stephen King novels. REMEMBER:  SPOILERS BELOW!!!!! … Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Stephen King Novels (Part I)

    Although I’d probably cite Pat Conroy as my favorite author, Stephen King runs a close second.  He’s  the author who’s most influenced my writing career.  I’ve been enamored with the king of horror (pun definitely intended) since I picked up The Tommyknockers when I was twelve years old.  While I don’t treasure every novel … Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead’


Director: Kiah Roache-Turner Cast: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradley, Leon Burchill, Luke McKenzie Plot: After an asteroid shower lights up the sky of Australia a large chunk of the population turn into zombies. When flammable liquids no longer power cars a group of survivors find a way to rig up the gassy undead to their cars … Continue reading

10 Horror Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

For horror film lovers, every holiday is cause for something scary. Here are ten films perfect for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re watching them alone or with someone else. 1. Valentine (2001) Valentine is about a pre-teen who is rejected and humiliated by the girls at school and comes back as an adult to hunt them … Continue reading

Most Socially Relevant Horror Films


Throughout cinematic history the horror genre has always served as a dark mirror of sorts, forcing society to look at what scares them most. No matter what dread or terror lingers in the minds of moviegoers, horror filmmakers have had the innate ability to find out what they are and force the audience to confront … Continue reading