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Movie Review: ‘World War Z’


The original intention for this article was to debate whether or not geeks were being too harsh on this film because of its association with the book of the same name. Halfway through the first viewing this idea was chucked out the window, and instead we’re going to focus on how World War Z manages to … Continue reading

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The 2000s Awesome Horror Ass Kickers

Scream Queen

With the resurgence of horror thanks to movies like Scream, horror was hotter than ever in the 2000s. It certainly became one of the most popular genres of film at the time (still is). With the popularity of horror at an all time high, it was obvious that some new actresses were going to step … Continue reading

Scarily Overlooked Horror Films


The greatest time of the year is quickly approaching and many of us will celebrate by sitting in  front of our television and once again watching Michael Meyers silently stalk his victims or Romero’s zombies lay siege to a house. But this year many of you may feel like changing things up, and I consider my … Continue reading

The Early Days of J-Horror – Ring Kanzenban and Ju-On: The Curse

Everyone has seen Ring and The Grudge, or at least the English remakes of them. Both are classics of what has been called the “J-Horror” movement, and both helped popularise Japanese horror movies with Western audiences, due to their mix of extremely creepy atmosphere, good jump scares, and unknowably mysterious antagonists. But Ring and The … Continue reading

Scream Queens Who Totally Ruled the 90′s!


Horror didn’t end in the 80’s, like many people thought it did.  By the time the 90’s came around, horror was going out of style.  There were a few horror films here and there…but a little film known as Scream came around in 1996 and it changed the world of horror forever.  With the 90’s … Continue reading

Greatest Films of Vincent Price


With Halloween quickly approaching this seems just as good a time as any to remember one of the greatest figures in the history of horror. With his trademark voice and overwhelming screen presence Vincent Price left an indelible mark on horror and filmdom in general. While many of the greatest icons of horror have remained relegated … Continue reading

Top 10 Worst Horror Sequels


Horror movie sequels have become an expected part of the genre. You can’t have a slasher killer without them turning up again and again down the track. We’ve even gotten to the point where it’s assumed that the sequels will suck, but we go along with them anyway (even when they’re in 3D) and that’s part … Continue reading

‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ vs. ‘Goosebumps’


For this edition of Showdown! I put the  two cherished children horror anthologies of the 90′s s against each other: Are You Afraid of the Dark? vs. Goosebumps!  Plots: Are You Afraid of the Dark was a  joint production between the Canadian company Cinar and the American network Nickelodeon. It ran for seven seasons and had a total … Continue reading

Scream Queens of the 80s!


Since the dawn of horror, women have been a staple of the horror genre.  They are known as scream queens and these women are recognized for their abilities, to run, act, and most of all scream.  We had Fay Wray in King Kong and Janet Leigh in Psycho…but for one decade that had some of the most … Continue reading

The 70′s Grooviest Scream Queens


Once the 70′s rolled around, the horror genre took a severe 180. Gone were the days of the classic Universal monsters, gone were the science fiction panic films, and gone were the classy and pristine thrillers that we have been used to seeing. Ever since the Vietnam War populated people’s television sets with graphic depictions … Continue reading