Movie Review: ‘Fantastic Four’

Fantastic Four

There Will Be Spoilers. I can’t actually review this film without discussing some of the points. That being said, there’s nothing surprising in this plot at all. I was holding out hope that everyone who said Fantastic Four was going to suck was wrong. I was hoping that they were just exaggerating Josh Trank’s antics. … Continue reading

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Heroes Wanted’


Let me start with a story. About a year ago I joined a local gaming collective called WABA (Western Australian Boardgaming Association) in order to meet like minded board gaming enthusiasts and try some new challenges. It’s a fantastic group of people and I always have a good time at the meets. But the first … Continue reading

Top 10 Superheroes Who DIDN’T Originate in Comics


Comic books and superheroes are intertwined. The medium popularised and evolved the genre and, for most of the age of fictional superheroes, been the only source for caped crusaders. These days it could be argued that cinema and television is doing just as much to keep the classic characters in the public consciousness as the … Continue reading