So, What do we Think of ‘Gotham’?


When the very, very, VERY hyped pilot of Gotham hit the airwaves we tuned in out of curiosity and a love of all things Bat. A show about Batman without Batman seemed like the worst idea in the world, but the ongoing Batman comic and media franchise has been populated with dozens of wonderful characters and a … Continue reading

#Clay5 Countdown – 23rd Feb 2015

Clay5 Bear

We’re back for the second weekly round-up for the #Clay5 round-up! Clay (that chap in the picture above) has been putting up topics on the #Clay 5 twitter for the public to vote on, and we’ve got the Top 5 results from each topic right here! If you don’t like the results and want to … Continue reading

10 Tragic Love Stories in Geekdom


Ah, the season of romance. And as we all know, a great love story comes with tragedy. It’s how things balance. Also good entertainment. While you curl up with a box of chocolates and your favourite geek, make sure you have a couple of these in the mix. Scott Pilgrim vs The World Let’s get an … Continue reading

Casting Call: ‘X-Factor Investigations’


Fox has revealed they have plans for a live-actionX-Men tv series, something to help them compete with Marvel’s ever expanding shared universe. There is a rumor that it might be based on Peter David’s detective agency version of X-Factor. It starred Jamie Madrox aka Mutliple Man, a fairly obscure X-character reimagined as a film-noir obsessed … Continue reading

Casting Call: The Beast/Prince (Beauty and the Beast)


This week Emma Watson was announced as the lead in the upcoming live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” this really comes as no surprise as fans have been pretty much set on this casting for years. But this leaves us with a major question: Who will be her Beast? This film will face several … Continue reading

The 10 Scariest Monsters of ‘The Twilight Zone’


In 1959, television legend Rod Serling submitted for the audience’s approval a television show which was unlike anything else on the tube at the time and would influence the entire television medium for decades to come, The Twilight Zone. For five seasons viewers were terrified by a menagerie of monsters and villains which not only … Continue reading

10 Disappointments Geeks Faced in 2014

Man, we can be suckers. Every year there’s something we get overhyped for whether through over blown or misleading marketing or building it up in our own minds, and we sometimes get are expectations completely crushed. In the future we can remember 2014 as the year that gave us Guardians of the Galaxy and Shadows of Mordor but … Continue reading

5 DC Comics That Should Be TV Shows


Suicide Squad This is an easy one. Arrow has already built the Suicide Squad, a black ops task force made up of super-criminals trying to commute their sentences. You got secret agents Lyla and Waller running the show. Mercenaries Deadshot and Bronze Tiger are there. Cupid was just added off-screen. Captain Boomerang has been built into the mythos. … Continue reading

The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Pt 5)

Cover Pt5

Here’s the end of the series! If you’ve been waiting for a particular favourite to turn up on the list hopefully she’ll be in this final round up. We’ve saved some of our favourite until last. If not let us know in the comments! Vote for this weeks favourite at the bottom! Catch up on … Continue reading

The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 4)

Cover Pt4

It’s our second last entry in the series, counting down another 20 awesome women from our favourite shows, movies, games and comics. It certainly isn’t easy narrowing the list down to 100, but don’t panic if your favourite women haven’t turned up yet…we’ve saved some of the most iconic for next week! Need a reminder? … Continue reading