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‘Arrow’ Season 2: Comic to TV Character Guide Part 1


So just like parts One and Two of Season 1, these will have SPOILERS! Black Canary Played by Caity Lotz Although the comics have more often than not been muddied by retcons and writer mistakes, the accepted history of Black Canary was that the identity was passed from a Golden Age Dinah Drake to her daughter, … Continue reading

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Gave You Want You Wanted

Duck Dynasty

A fortnight ago I had never heard of a television show called Duck Dynasty. Now that I have, I am very disappointed in the show not being about aristocratic ducks. A missed opportunity if I ever saw one. What the show is actually about is a family business based out of Louisiana. Starting in a … Continue reading

Ten Most Emotional ‘Doctor Who’ Moments


This article was written while the Christmas Special is downloading, so you will be safe from spoilers! For a sci-fi series about a goofy time travelling wag there’s plenty of moments in Doctor Who that tug at the heartstrings. Amid the giant scarfs, flying police boxes, robot dogs and bow ties lie these gems that make … Continue reading

If You Only Watch One Christmas Special…

Christmas Special Looney Tunes Show

Christmas Specials are a fickle bunch…few of them really stand out, leaving most to be cheesy and hackneyed Christmas messages that end with an inexplicable snowfall. Since becoming a parent time around Christmas has become limited with spare time being used to hastily assemble playsets during nap time. In short, there isn’t time to watch a great … Continue reading

Top 20 Matt Smith Doctor Who Moments


It seems like so long ago, but there was a time that many feared for the future of Doctor Who as David Tennant was leaving the TARDIS controls behind, and an unknown young actor would be taking the Sonic Screwdriver like the passing of a baton. Fortunately the young actor who became the next Doctor … Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ Review: ‘The Day of the Doctor’

The Day of the Doctor

Yeah, spoilers. After endless amounts of hype, speculation, merchandise and misinformation it has finally arrived – the 50th Anniversary Special episode of Doctor Who. Broadcast 50 years to the day as the pilot episode, An Unearthly Child, appeared on BBC the episode was watched by millions of fans worldwide with the promise to reveal more about the … Continue reading

Retro ‘Doctor Who’ Review – Vol. 11.8

Season 6

And done! Every episode reviewed! Now for some sleep before Day of the Doctor.  The Wedding of River Song  The sixth season of Doctor Who feels, on the whole, more a little cluttered. There are plenty of revelations about the main characters and hyped up plot threads coming to a close but for all the times … Continue reading

Retro ‘Doctor Who’ Reviews – Vol. 11.7

The Girl Who Waited 2

The Girl Who Waited The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to Apalapucia a reputed holiday destination. What they don’t know is that a plague has already spread among the planet, and the population has taken to using ‘kindness centres’. Those who have been infected are put in accelerated time areas so that they can live … Continue reading

Retro ‘Doctor Who’ Reviews – Vol. 11.6

Let's Kill Hitler 1

A Good Man Goes to War  With the reveal that Amy has been pregnant and kept in another location (with a ganger talking her place in the TARDIS, Rory launches into a violent investigation to recover her. Amy gives birth to Melody, who the clerics intend to keep for themselves. When the Doctor tracks down … Continue reading

Retro ‘Doctor Who’ Reviews – Vol. 11.5


So close… The Curse of the Black Spot After the madness surrounding the Pandorica and the Silence things seems to be back on track. Following a distress signal brings the Doctor and friends to a pirate ship in the 17th century. Things are not going well on board the ship, as a number of crew … Continue reading