10 Disappointments Geeks Faced in 2014

Man, we can be suckers. Every year there’s something we get overhyped for whether through over blown or misleading marketing or building it up in our own minds, and we sometimes get are expectations completely crushed. In the future we can remember 2014 as the year that gave us Guardians of the Galaxy and Shadows of Mordor but … Continue reading

5 DC Comics That Should Be TV Shows


Suicide Squad This is an easy one. Arrow has already built the Suicide Squad, a black ops task force made up of super-criminals trying to commute their sentences. You got secret agents Lyla and Waller running the show. Mercenaries Deadshot and Bronze Tiger are there. Cupid was just added off-screen. Captain Boomerang has been built into the mythos. … Continue reading

The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Pt 5)

Cover Pt5

Here’s the end of the series! If you’ve been waiting for a particular favourite to turn up on the list hopefully she’ll be in this final round up. We’ve saved some of our favourite until last. If not let us know in the comments! Vote for this weeks favourite at the bottom! Catch up on … Continue reading

The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 4)

Cover Pt4

It’s our second last entry in the series, counting down another 20 awesome women from our favourite shows, movies, games and comics. It certainly isn’t easy narrowing the list down to 100, but don’t panic if your favourite women haven’t turned up yet…we’ve saved some of the most iconic for next week! Need a reminder? … Continue reading

The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 3)

Cover Pt3

Do you know what I like about these articles? The great stuff that I haven’t checked out yet. This week, between assembling the House writers great work nominating women for the list, I’ve been reading two new comic lines (entries 47 and 52) and watching a cool show I knew nothing about (entry 60). We’ve … Continue reading

Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 2)

Cover pt2

And we’re back! We had a very positive response to the first part of our multi-part series of the female characters who are especially awesome. If you missed the first 20 entries in the list you can read it here. Hopefully you’ll find more of your favourites on the list this week, and have more … Continue reading

The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 1)

Top 100 Women of Pop Culture

A while ago we wrote an epic ten part list of our 100 favourite graphic novels. We liked it and the feedback we got was very positive. I though we’d do video games but fortunately we have writers who have great ideas, and we loved Jes’ suggestion that we could look at the 100 greatest … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Pilot Season Review


In case you didn’t know, Amazon Prime has joined the recent wave of websites generating original content. Amazon has a cool way of doing it though. They create some pilots and let their viewers vote on which ones get a full season. This is their third time doing it, and they have 5 new pilots for … Continue reading

10 Comic Moments “Gotham” Could Use Pre-Batman


Hush’s childhood Hush is one of Batman’s relatively newer rogues, but he has become pretty prominent despite that. Hush is really Tommy Elliot, Bruce’s childhood friend. He wasn’t as honorable as Bruce. He hated his parents and couldn’t wait for nature to take its course in order to get his inheritance. So, he cut his … Continue reading

TV Review: ‘Gotham’


We’ve seen the first episodes of Flash and Constantine and they’re good. Not great, but plenty of potential. We could be on the cusp of a new era in totally watchable TV comic adaptations. This week we got the first episode of the biggest name brand being adapted: Gotham. The Batman series without Batman. Focusing not on the … Continue reading