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I Am Glad ‘Community’ is Cancelled

Community Cancelled

I like tee-shirts. They’re a key part of the geek arsenal, being shorthand for whatever niche we’re part of and flagging down like minded people. I like them best when they don’t directly reference the source material and require the inside knowledge to recognise it. I acknowledge there’s a snobbishness to it but it’s cool being in … Continue reading

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Black Sails vs Da Vinci’s Demons


For this installment of Showdown! I take a look at Starz’s two current original scripted programs: Black Sails and Da Vinci’s Demons. Story: Black Sails debuted in January of 2014 under the production of Jonathan E. Steinberg, Michael Bay, and others. Written as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, the show includes fictional … Continue reading

Good TV Shows With Shitty Finales


If a crummy show has a crummy finale, everything is on the par. It’s all good. When 2 Broke Girls finally comes to a close (which will be soon because there’s only so many Asian’s are nerds, Russian’s are creeps and black people are cool jokes left to make) nobody will be fussed it it isn’t … Continue reading

10 Awful Reality TV Shows (You Never Saw)


Reality TV has been lurking like a sweaty itch for longer than you might imagine. One of the best known – The Real World on MTV – is launched it’s 29th season at the beginning of the year. About a decade after its debut the genre boom caused by Survivor, Big Brother and similar saw that itch turn in to … Continue reading

80s Cartoons that Would Make Horrific Movies

Bananaman (1)

I saw an article yesterday claiming that a film version of Bananaman could appear in 2015. Do you remember Bananaman? I get the feeling that someone is getting fired for this. In addition to the show having no plot or characters and less nostalgic value than The Smurfs  there’s the potential horror that exists in it being a live action. … Continue reading

Marvel/Netflix Wishlist


Last November, Disney revealed that Marvel and Netflix would partner up to bring some superhero stories to life as TV miniseries. These superheroes include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, more popularly considered members of the Marvel Knights, a street level corner of the Marvel shared universe. The four series will then crossover … Continue reading

Watch This Show: ‘Rick and Morty’

Rick and Morty 1

I have a confession to make. I don’t really get Adventure Time. It’s immensely popular at the moment but I just don’t click with it. I was feeling a bit left out but I’ve discovered somewhere else I can get my animation fix. And that place is Rick and Morty. During his enforced downtime from his brainchild Community … Continue reading

Your Guide to Ladies Loving Ladies on Television


Everyone wants to have pop culture figures that they feel they can identity with and that’s why many members of the LGBT community will seek out movies and tv shows that showcase LGBT characters. Who among us hasn’t watched a show just because we heard there were lesbians in it? I decided to put together … Continue reading

John Watson for the 21st Century


When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave his famous sleuth, Sherlock Holmes a sidekick, he created a tough as nails physician who had the courage and experience to be the friend and moral compass the detective desperately needed. Unfortunately when Sherlock Holmes was to the big screen this noble assistant was made into a buffoon for … Continue reading

Watch This Show: ‘Les Revenants (The Returned)’


Sometimes you get the opportunity to say ‘I was into that before the American remake’. Whether it’s The Office or Let the Right One In there’s something that speaks to our inner geek…the part of us who likes to say ‘first’. One of those opportunities is happening right now. This French production is already a remake in itself, being … Continue reading