Top 10 Superheroes Who DIDN’T Originate in Comics


Comic books and superheroes are intertwined. The medium popularised and evolved the genre and, for most of the age of fictional superheroes, been the only source for caped crusaders. These days it could be argued that cinema and television is doing just as much to keep the classic characters in the public consciousness as the … Continue reading

10 Potential ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequels (That Are Totally Canon)


So after a long time I have finished reading The World of Ice and Fire. This not unsurprisingly dense tome provides an in-depth account of the world of Westeros from before written history to the events that we’re familiar with, along with accounts of the surrounding waters, the main cities and regions of Essos and a … Continue reading

The 10 Most Internet Breaking ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers


This isn’t a Cracked Photoplasty competition with a bunch of joke entries. These are 100% real Game of Thrones spoilers derived from what happens in the ‘Feast For Crows’ and ‘Dance With Dragons’ books. The show is likely to deviate from the books in some ways, but these are major plot points. So why am I … Continue reading

The Geekery Guide: Who is the Doctor?


In our series that brings you up to speed with a range of interesting geeky icons we’ve looked at Cthulhu and Ultron. Today we turn our attention to one of the longest running sci-fi stories of all time. The unlikely British hero: The Doctor. In a Sentence: The Doctor is the alias of a humanoid alien … Continue reading

The Problems with ‘House of Cards’ Season 3

House of Cards

I didn’t actually mind having sustained a painful injury this weekend – inflicted when my 2 year old daughter launched herself off my ribs and left some damage – because being left confined to the couch gave me an excuse to burn through all 13 episodes of House of Cards season 3. The first two seasons … Continue reading

#Clay5 Round Up – 2 March 2015

Clay 5 cat

Time for our weekly countdowns, results as voted by the public! Remember – if you want to get your say on these countdowns head over to the official #Clay5 twitter! MON FEB 23rd – DUSTIN HOFFMAN MOVIES   It says something about Hoffman that the vote results came in so close together, leading to a three-way … Continue reading

So, What do we Think of ‘Gotham’?


When the very, very, VERY hyped pilot of Gotham hit the airwaves we tuned in out of curiosity and a love of all things Bat. A show about Batman without Batman seemed like the worst idea in the world, but the ongoing Batman comic and media franchise has been populated with dozens of wonderful characters and a … Continue reading

#Clay5 Countdown – 23rd Feb 2015

Clay5 Bear

We’re back for the second weekly round-up for the #Clay5 round-up! Clay (that chap in the picture above) has been putting up topics on the #Clay 5 twitter for the public to vote on, and we’ve got the Top 5 results from each topic right here! If you don’t like the results and want to … Continue reading

10 Tragic Love Stories in Geekdom


Ah, the season of romance. And as we all know, a great love story comes with tragedy. It’s how things balance. Also good entertainment. While you curl up with a box of chocolates and your favourite geek, make sure you have a couple of these in the mix. Scott Pilgrim vs The World Let’s get an … Continue reading

Casting Call: ‘X-Factor Investigations’


Fox has revealed they have plans for a live-actionX-Men tv series, something to help them compete with Marvel’s ever expanding shared universe. There is a rumor that it might be based on Peter David’s detective agency version of X-Factor. It starred Jamie Madrox aka Mutliple Man, a fairly obscure X-character reimagined as a film-noir obsessed … Continue reading