‘Bridesmaids’ DVD Review

Director: Paul Feig

Starring: Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper

Plot: Annie (Wiig) is ecstatic when her best friend Lillian (Rudolph) gets engaged, but finds her new friend Helen (Byrne) is getting between them.

Review: Ever get the feeling that you’re not the intended person that something’s been made for? Bridesmaids is a smart and funny movie but I couldn’t be further removed from the target demographic without utilising a space shuttle. Fortunately a good movie will be able to transcend such boundaries so whilst I wasn’t watching this with my gal pals I did enjoy it plenty.

First thing that needs to be addressed – the word on the street seems to be that this is the female equivalent to the The Hangover. Whoever made this comparison is obviously a simpleton as the only similarity the movies share is a plot focused on members of a bridal party. They have completely different themes, styles and tones. Don’t go into this expecting something akin to the The Hangover as that way brings disappointment.

This character driven piece my seem at the outset to be an ensemble piece, but the movie is all Wiigs. As the star and co-writer she establishes herself as a rising star after to vulgar turn in Paul and she deserves all the credit she reserves for this film. Whilst some of the behaviour is quite extreme and she borders on the unlikeable at times it’s such a charismatic performance that she carries it through. The rest of the cast compliment her perfectly, and we’ll no doubt see many of them picking up roles in upcoming movies based on this. Rose Byrne and John Hamm are also strong playing the nasty characters as part of their mission to appear in every movie released this year.

Like many comedies released in the past decade it often drags. The laugh out loud scenes are well spaced leading to frequent lags in the story. There isn’t quite enough story to fill out the 2+ hour running time, but you’ll be generally satisfied with the results.