10 Actresses They Could Have Cast as Snow White

Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman are two Snow White movies being released this year and both are causing quite a stir. Not least of which is the fan’s reactions to their castings of Snow White. Lilly Collins will be playing the princess in the more family-friendly version, Mirror, Mirror and other than having odd eyebrows, she hasn’t left any sort of impression on me yet. Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, has caused a bit of controversy being casted in the titular role in Snow White and The Huntsmen. She has a huge following from her Twilight series but she has an equal amount of disapprovers. Many people are disappointed in her casting because she’s “not pretty enough” and “not a good actress”, both sentiments I tend to agree with. In a completely useless retrospect, I decided to think about who else could have been cast as the famous Snow White.

1. Felicity Jones– Jones is essentially a prettier, more talented version of Kristen Stewart. She won our hearts in Like Crazy and has been gaining steam ever since. She’s just known enough to bring attention to the role but not so overexposed so that it would have brought the movie down.

2. Lucy Hale– If you’re going by Disney’s Snow White design, Hale is picture perfect. She’s a tiny cute girl with a round face and big princess eyes. On ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Hale plays the high school student having an affair with her teacher.  She straddles the line between teenager and adult, just like Snow White should.

3. Kaya Scodelario– Scodelario’s pretty much known for being a pretty face. Skins fans can acknowledge that she has something special that draws you in. Her eyes have a haunting quality that could have leant themselves well to the princess with a bad past.

4. Emily Browning– Even though she’s already been in the atrocity that is Sleeping Beauty (2011), Browning has the looks, the talent, and the fan power to bring to the table. She was one of the popular choices for Snow White, both because of her ethereal looks and her acting ability. She was definitely a fan favorite and I think she would have brought it.

5. Holliday Grainger– Grainger’s performance on The Borgia’s is mindblowingly good. Her character Lucretia practically is Snow White sometimes; she begins as an innocent naïve girl and ends up a shrewd woman. Her porcelain face and all around royal attitude would have meshed well with the role of Snow White.

6. Emilia Clarke– Clarke exploded on the screen as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones and has been steamrolling the competition ever since. She has a huge fanbase which is good for any movie and already has experience playing a princess fighting to keep her head above water. I think she would have been a strong contender for the role of Snow.

7. Alexandra Daddario– Daddario’s wide-eyed face is fit to play a princess. She already has a fanbase with the young adult crowd after appearing in Percy Jackson and The Olympians, and her role called for some physical action. She would have been a curveball choice for the role of Snow White, but I think it could have worked out.

8. Katie McGrath– McGrath is a few years older than some of the others on this list but I consider her to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Not only is her beauty enough to rival Charlize Theron’s (SWATH) but she’s already proven how well she can play the princess in BBC’s Merlin. If I was running the show, I would have casted her in a heartbeat.

9. Gemma Arterton- Also a bit older than the other ladies, Arterton is one of the most talented actresses on this list. She’s also gorgeous and has lots of experience with action movies. Regardless of her age, I have no doubt that she would have fit right in if she had been casted in one of the Snow White roles.

10. Crystal Reed- Reed isn’t very well-known outside of fans of MTV’s Teen Wolf but sometimes casting an unknown is a good idea. It lets audiences fully believe in the actor as that character. Not to mention she’s quite pretty. She would have been a refreshing change in a line-up full of famous actors.

Or, and this may be too ballsy for Hollywood, they could have casted a non-white actress. Sure, Snow White is supposed to have skin as pale of snow but that description can apply to actresses of other races too. And since they’ve changed so much of the original story already, who says they even have to keep that description at all? I would like to see Hollywood start thinking outside the box when it comes to casting choices. But that is neither here nor there since both adaptations are already done and produced. I hope you enjoyed reading this completely pointless, but fun exercise.