Casting Call: Red Dead Redemption

Ever since it was released in 2010, talks of a Red Dead Redemption film have been circling the net. Truthfully, I would really like to see a film version, the story is great and the characters well rounded, if done right it could be a great film

Here’s my wish-list for the main cast members.

John Marston – Brad Pitt

This one was an easy pick, Pitt is actually the kind of star power to pull off a character like Marston, he’s done great in the Western genre before with Assassination Of Jesse James and the two men look very similar. Pitt’s best characters (Tyler Durdan, Jesse James, etc) have all been men on the edge and Marston is just that, he’s a man on the edge of becoming obsolete, a product of a bygone era.

Jack Marston – Emile Hirsch

Another easy pick, Hirsch is a good young actor and will easily pull off both the fresh-faced young Jack, learning about the dangers of the world and the older, more experienced Jack out for revenge. And again he looks a lot like his character.

Abigail Marston – Sandra Bullock

Bullock wasn’t my first choice but somebody mentioned her and now I can’t think of anyone else. Abigail must be someone that’s instantly likeable so we understand why John is trying to save her. And say what you want about her, it’s hard not to like Sandra.

Uncle – Clint Eastwood

Think of this as a reference role. An old guy in a Western who else could play it?

Bonnie Macfarlane – Elizabeth Banks

Like Abigail, Bonnie needs to be someone instantly likeable and have an attitude that’s a mix of sweet and tough. Banks is someone that could embody the role easily.

Leigh Johnson – Kurt Russell

Kurt’s been needing a good vehicle for a while and it’s been too long since he’s been fighting for the good guys. Kurt fit’s the bill for Leigh perfectly, he can have the rugged heroic of Macready mixed with the tough attitude of Snake.

Nigel West Dickens – Michael Caine

Caine feels very much like the type of guy who could play a motor-mouth, snake-tongued liar and still have a degree of likeability. He may not look the part but he can certainly act it.

Irish – Ciaran Hinds

He’s Irish. Ok there’s more to it than that. Ciaran is a good actor that could play drunk very easily and it’ll make a nice change for the guy playing such great leaders and Caesar and Game of Throne’s Mance Rayder play such a downer character.

Seth Briars – Jackie Earle Haley

A chameleon actor that is great at playing creeps – see NOES remake (actually don’t) – Jackie could easily play the strange and eccentric Seth.

Landon Ricketts – Jeff Bridges

Basing this purely on True Grit, Bridges is ideal to play the aging but still tough as nails outlaw. He has the relaxed demeanour of The Dude mixed with Rooster’s take-no-shit attitude. Bridges is the best choice.

Abraham Reyes – Gael Garcia Bernal

Reyes needs to be someone that appears suave on the outside but behind closed doors he’s a dick. Gael looks the part of a dashing revolutionary and can play both aspects of Reyes, the gentleman and the douche bag.

Luisa Fortuna – Paula Patton

Again, Paula looks very much Luisa and, with Ghost Protocol as evidence, she can play Luisa perfectly. A hard-edged and loyal revolutionary but still be likeable.

Colonel Agustín Allende – Javier Bardem

I picked Javier before Skyfall but with Silva and No Country on his belt, Javier is the best person to play a dark, unlikeable character with no conscience.

Harold MacDougal – Andy Serkis

The second Chameleon actor, Serkis’ animated nature with Gollum and the likes fit Harold’s nervous disposition brilliantly. What he lacks in looks in makes up for with talent and Serkis is one of a few that could make a nervous, whiny character not annoying.

Edgar Ross – John Hawkes

Hawkes is just the right kind of man for the job. Ross is so obviously evil but he hides it behind false promises, he’s like Teardrop from Winter’s Bone in that he surprises you throughout. For someone like Hawkes who can play a wide range of character’s it’s a no brainer.

Bill Williamson – Josh Brolin

Again going off True Grit Brolin is the best guy for the job, mixing Chaney’s violent nature and Dan White’s (Milk) lust for power and revenge he could play the loud-mouthed Bill and do a great job of it.

Dutch Van Der Linde – Sean Bean

Ignoring the fact that he’ll die again Bean would be great for Dutch. A sympathetic villain with a good message but a bad way of spreading it Bean is the perfect man to play someone who’s obviously a villain but you still like him in a strange way.

God/Death/? – Sam Elliot

Sam’s great voice mixed with the mysterious nature and humour of Big Lebowski’s Narrator would be perfect to play the strange and enigmatic Stranger.

Director – John Hillcoat

Not only does he have previous experience with the game – he directed a short film using footage from the game – but both The Proposition and Lawless are great Western style films that show he can do a good job. Both films as well use environment to help the story and Red Dead does that as well.