The Pull List: 4/9/2014


All New Doop #1

Doop is one of the weirdest new characters Marvel has created in a long time. I never read X-Statix so I don’t know much about what they revealed about him, but they are putting him in the spotlight for this 5 issue mini proving, once and for all, the he is the most powerful member of the X-Men.


All New Ultimates #1

I haven’t read anything from the Ultimate universe in a long time. It sounds like people like Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, so I figured I should give this a shout out.


Batman Eternal #1

I guess no amount of Bat-titles a month will ever be enough. DC debuts this new weekly look at Batman and his relationship with Gotham and his allies.


Deadpool #27

Deadpool is getting married!



Iron Fist Living Weapon #1

Iron Fist gets himself a Marvel Now title, and I have to say, I am really happy its not called All New Iron Fist #1. I could have sworn it was only going to be a minseries, but the solict says nothing about it.


Lumberjanes #1

Five best friends go to summer camp and get in way over their heads with supernatural critters. Boom! Studios described the series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls.


Nightcrawler #1

Nightcrawler is brought back from the dead by one of the most influential X-Men writers ever, Chris Claremont, into an X-World without Pr. X and with Cyclops on the run.