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Cosplay Supanova 2

Supanova Perth 2015 – Saturday Cosplayers (Pt. 2)

If you missed the first part of our cosplay coverage you can check them out here! What we’ve got in this second line up is no less amazing and it’s all from the first day! This weekends photography was provided by Wednesday Photographics. Check out her Facebook page for more of her work! We’ve done … Continue reading

Cosplay Supanova 1

Supanova Perth 2015 – Saturday Cosplayers! (Pt.1)

We do love going to conventions. There are thousands of like minded people, lots of things to see, icons of industry to meet, and some of the most mind blowing, incredible costume creations around! We are constantly amazed at what people have created for these shows. The time, effort and dedication is simply mind blowing. … Continue reading

firefly (1)

The Geekery Guide: ‘Firely/Serenity’

The Supanova Convention is heading around Australia again, and they’ve got Nathan Fillion as their headline attraction! This has got everyone excited…but that excitement ebbed a bit when we saw the AUS$100 price tag for an autograph. We’re still going to pay it though, and it’s not because of Castle or even Two Guys, a Girl and … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Turbo Kid’

Turbo Kid is so gloriously 80s that had it been made in the 80s it would’ve been ignored, as it stands it was made 30 years later and works as a nostalgic throwback to a time where gore and ridiculousness weren’t discourage but actively welcomed and as a result it makes for a f*cking fun … Continue reading


The Pull List: 6/24/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week It’s a slow one. Fight Club 2 #2 The sequel to the book that spawned the popular Brad Pitt movie. The first issue has been great with Sebastian (that is the name of the formerly nameless narrator) not finding the satisfaction in suburban family life he thought he would get … Continue reading

batman love letter

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Love Letter: Batman’

Even if you only occasionally dip into modern board games, you’re likely to have seen Love Letter. The wonderfully concise card game involves luck, bluffing and memory, is easily stored in its little pouch and is quick enough to work as a buffer between longer games. It’s one of the best new card games of recent … Continue reading


I Welcome Judgment: Your Weekly Review of True Detective Season 2

  Dramatis Personae Colin Farrell as Detective Raymond Velcoro, Vinci Police Department Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon criminal and entrepreneur Rachel McAdams as Detective Antigone “Ani” Bezzerides of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Taylor Kitsch as Officer Paul Woodrugh of the California Highway Patrol Season Plot:  Upheaval ensues when city planner Ben Casper disappears just days before … Continue reading


Netflix Doco Binge: Gaming is Fun! (‘Atari: Game Over’ and ‘Indie Game: The Movie’)

Ah, the mid-year marking and reporting nightmare is at an end! That means this is the last delve into docos for the time being. We’ve already covered Nerd Culture, Porn, Internet Makers and the business of Love, Sex and Immigration,  now we’re going to merge bits of all of them together for video games. Except … Continue reading

love me plane

Netflix Doco Binge – Love, Sex and Immigration

So it’s another marking week, which means more documentaries! Recently we’ve looked at people who helped make the internet, nerd culture and, of course, porn (weirdly the one with the least likes and comments, but the most views). Today we’ve got another two films. Both are about romance and sex, and both are about industries spawned … Continue reading


New TV Shows to Watch Now ‘Game of Thrones’ is Done for the Year

Holy shit, did you see the Game of Thrones finale?! With the Dothraki…and that bit with Ayra…and JON SNOW!…and Stannis fighting the Boltons…and…and… What do we watch now? We’ve gone and checked out a couple of the new shows debuting the past few weeks so we can help you answer that very question. Normally we’d watch … Continue reading