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TMNT Large

Looking Back On the TMNT Action Figures Part 2: Further into Madness

We’ve already looked at the first couple of years worth of TMNT toys that were released in the late 1980s, and how the designers had clearly lost their minds trying to meet demand while stretching the limited range of characters out into unique sets. No doubt 1992 saw much more sensible, canon sets of figures. … Continue reading


‘Tangled’ vs ‘Frozen’

This installment of Showdown! seemed inevitable. I didn’t originally want to compare these two great films but have been asked to do so and it seemed like it makes sense after all. Both are fantastic modern fairy tales but here I will break them down to see which reigns supreme. Story:    Both Tangled and … Continue reading


The Pull List: 11/19/14

Must read comics of the week Annihiltor #3 I forgot to mention this with the first issue. Forgot to mention the second time too, so I am definitely mentioning it for the third issue. I mean, its Grant Morrison being trippy with a down and out screenwriter meets the hero from his sci-fi screenplay.  Batwoman … Continue reading

Gods Will Be Watching

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Gods Will Be Watching’

Here’s something I’m getting tired off…indie games using retro graphics. We’ve had enough. On the other hand, when it’s supported by an original concept, a unique gameplay mechanic and interesting characters the game could be made out of matchsticks and still interest me. That brings us to Gods Will Be Watching, which is already a great … Continue reading

Assassins Creed

Where Should ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Go Next?

So a pair of new Assassin’s Creed games have hit the shelves and after the top notch effort of Black Flag we can only expect great things. Ok, ok, never mind. Let’s look to the future. If Ubisoft get their heads out of their arses and get back to making the game FUN rather than trying to squeeze … Continue reading


Top 10 Women in Pop Culture – Reader’s Choice!

Based on the numbers our readers enjoyed the 100 Women in Pop Culture as much as we did. We’re very happy with that, and we enjoyed looking at how the reader votes fell. We’ve taken a look across the results and put together this Top 10 ranked list – so if you don’t agree with the … Continue reading


10 Memorable ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books

Being published through the 80s and early 90s, anyone growing up in those decades have fond memories of the Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Not only were they a neat concept but they had such a massive range of titles you could find something fresh and exciting to get into, even without the re-readability of the … Continue reading

The Thing pic 1

Why I Love ‘John Carpenter’s The Thing’

  Guillermo Del Toro once said that 1982′s The Thing was one of the most influential films in his life.  When he left the theater he knew he wanted to be a director.  To me this demonstrates the transcendent power of film, how movies can not only influence our choices, but completely alter the trajectory of our lives.  … Continue reading

crazy turtles

Looking Back At TMNT Action Figures: A Descent into Madness

When I was in year 4 in the Australian schooling system the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series premiered. Within a few months it was a fully fledged cultural juggernaut. VHS tapes were crowded with episodes, pizza shops were posting record sales and nothing was a bigger status symbol in the playground than one of the … Continue reading


The Pull List: 11/12/2014

Must read comics of the week. All New Captain America #1 How nice of Marvel to put all of there controversial books on the same day. Like a band aid. Sam Wilson starts off as Captain America with Hydra uniting Cap’s rogues gallery to try to take down the untested new Cap. And Sam is … Continue reading