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Movie Review: ‘Into the Storm’

Director: Steven Quale Cast: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh Plot: A group of tornado chasers, a couple of redneck thrillseekers and a separated family get caught up in a really big storm. Review: Yeah, I know that plot description doesn’t tell you much, but this is an immensely shallow film. The story is so … Continue reading

Doctor Who Risk

Table Top Review: ‘Risk: The Dalek Invasion of Earth’

Publisher: Parker Brothers Style: Military Strategy Players: 2 – 5 Length of Play: 2 – 3 hours Review: ‘Risk’ ranks up there with ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Trivial Pursuit’ as one of the best known board games in the world, a family game that has permeated Western family culture so thoroughly that you’d be pressed to find someone who hasn’t at … Continue reading


Casting Call: ‘Hannibal’ TV Series

It was revealed during Comic Con this year that Season 3 of “Hannibal” will cover elements of Hannibal and Red Dragon, including Francis Dolarhyde, aka The Tooth Fairy. If they get a Season 4, they will cover Silence of the Lambs, which means enter Clarice Starling (or whatever Starling surrogate Fuller comes up with since Starling is currently … Continue reading


5 Strange Choices for Marvel Studios to Bet on Next

So Guardians of the Galaxy was a hard sell coming from Marvel. After a strong beginning developing their Avengers roster, they took a chance with an ensemble out of the gate rather than bringing a bunch of solo acts together. Best thing, it worked and, in my opinion, is one of their best movies yet, bested … Continue reading


Tribute: Sir Richard Attenborough

At the beginning of this week the news was reported that world renown director and actor Sir Richard Attenborough had passed away at the age of 90, bringing to a close a career spanning more than 70 years. Having been born in Cambridge in 1923, the eldest of three brothers.  When he was 15 his … Continue reading


The Pull List: 8/27/2014

Must read comics of the week Batman Eternal #21 In this issue, Alfred will be injected with fear toxin and dragged into Arkham Asylum. Bobs Burgers #1 The surprise hit show from Fox’s Sunday Night lineup can now be enjoyed in comic form thanks to Dynamite Entertainment. Bodies #2 After the very awesome first issue … Continue reading

just cause 2

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Just Cause 2′

The other day I was in my local game retailer and was pleased to find a 3 for $45 sale. This kind of pricing might be normal for your fancy overseas folk, but in Australia it’s gangbusters. Having grabbed Ghostbusters and Max Payne 3 I rounded it out with the already played Just Cause 2 because I remember … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Felony’

Director: Matthew Saville Cast: Joel Edgerton, Tom Wilkinson, Jai Courtney, Melissa George Plot: An Australian police officer, after celebrating with colleagues following taking a bullet to the protective vest, drives home drunk and clips a young child on a bike. With the boy in critical condition an older cop wants to gloss things over for … Continue reading


Everything Wrong With X-Box One

Don’t get me wrong, I love X-Box. I’ve been a strong X-BOX supporter for years now, and bought the X-BOX One the day it came out. I’ve played a large selection of the games: Dead Rising 3, Assassins Creed, Call Of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, LEGO Marvel Superheros, NBA 2K14, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, FIFA, Need … Continue reading

doctor-who (1)

Doctor Who Review Vol. 12.1 – ‘Deep Breath’

Here we go again. The first episode of any new incarnation of the Doctor is a delicate prospect for the production team. Whether or not the new actor is suited to the role (and we didn’t doubt for a moment that Calpadi would be anything but perfect) they need to sell us on the new … Continue reading