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The Live Action ‘Cinderella’ Is Monumentally Pointless

Film has to have a purpose. A full length feature film is a very expensive project. Even those low budget indie films require big chunks of cash and crowds of people to accomplish. During my less cynical moments I’d like to think people invest time, money and their artistic selves into a film for more than … Continue reading


Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Prison Architect’

Whilst the rest of the niche market for management sims are getting all bunched up about Cities Skyline I find myself back in the time sink that is my favourite management sim: Prison Architect. I’ve spoken about this one before, but every couple of months I head back into the game to find dozens of new features … Continue reading

clay5 baby tiger

#Clay5 Top 5 Round-Up 23rd March 2015

Yes, we’re a day late. Sometimes the life of a freelance blogger just gets that wild and crah-zeey. Ahem. This weeks Top 5s as voted by you! Remember to vote here: #clay5 twitter TOP 5 MOVIES FEATURING TRAINS Surprised that the highly divisive Snowpiercer didn’t make the list consider how much noise the fans tend to make. … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Get Hard’

Director: Etan Coen Cast: Will Farrell, Kevin Hart, Allison Brie Plot: Highly successful stock broker gets accused of fraud and sentenced to 1o years maximum security prison. With 30 days before incarceration he employs the help of a car washer, who he assumes is a former convict, to help him prepare for prison. Review: You … Continue reading


Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Big Hero 6′

Big Hero 6 is the last Disney release to come out and it will be hard to top it. A wonderful blend of superhero action and poignant realistic emotional drama, this is a film that can not only be enjoyed but connected with by people of all ages and types. BH6 is equally as funny … Continue reading


New Details of ‘Age of Ultron’ (We Learned From LEGO)

For those out there who stopped playing with LEGO when they became adults, you may be surprised to see how many licensed brands they’ve got under their belt. Disney, DC Comics, Pirates of Caribbean, The Lone Ranger, Speed Racer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter…roughly a third of their output comes from their licensed products. … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Cinderella’ (2015)

Let’s face it, the name of the game right now is adaptations and Disney is no stranger to green-lighting live-action reboots for some of their most beloved properties.  With Alice in Wonderland being a visual disaster of what not to do with a live-action remake I was a little concerned when I heard they were … Continue reading


The Pull List: 3/18/2015

Must read comics of the week All New X-Men #39 The X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy team up is getting interesting. They have the Black Vortex, a mirror that gives super-powered make-overs. 3 of their number have already taken the ride, and they want the whole universe to get a make-over too. Batman Eternal … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Run All Night’

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra Cast: Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Ed Harris, Vincent D’Onofrio, Common Plot: Jimmy ‘The Gravedigger’ Conlon was a hitman for the Irish mob, now a drunk with an estranged son. When his son inadvertently crosses paths with Jimmy’s  bosses son a conflict ignites that begins a night of violence and survival.  Review: So we enter the … Continue reading


10 Great Irish Movies To Watch During Your St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

I may live in a land Down Under, but I was born and raised in Ireland, making today an extra important day for getting hammered. When you wake up and regret ever doing anything ever all you want is to curl up on your couch with a plate of potato bread (mix mashed potato with … Continue reading