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Oscar Nominee Review: ‘Birdman or: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance’

Previously: The Theory of Everything The Intimidation Game The Grand Budapest Hotel Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu Cast: Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Stone, Edward Norton Plot: Riggan Thompson is an ageing actor who is remembered by the public for his role as the big screen superhero Birdman. In a move to regain profession respect he adapts, … Continue reading


Casting Call: The Beast/Prince (Beauty and the Beast)

This week Emma Watson was announced as the lead in the upcoming live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” this really comes as no surprise as fans have been pretty much set on this casting for years. But this leaves us with a major question: Who will be her Beast? This film will face several … Continue reading


Oscar Nominee Review: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Oh bollocks. I only saw this when it was released almost a year ago and didn’t review it at the time. Ok…this is will done by memory. Director: Wes Anderson Cast: Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Mathieu Amalric, Adrien Brody, Willen Dafoe, Jude Law and everyone else ever. Plot: A young girl reads an story by … Continue reading


Oscar Nominee Review: ‘The Imitation Game’

Yep, I’ve reviewed this one already. And I’m copy-pasting the exact review here. Simply for the sake of covering all the Best Picture Nominees now there’s a bit more interest around them. Check at the bottom for the chances of winning! Director: Morten Tyldum Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightly, Matthew Goode, Rory Kinnear, Charles Dance, … Continue reading


The Pull List: 1/28/2015

Must read comics of the week Alex + Ada #12 Check out one of the best comics of last year (at least in my opinion) this year. Batman #38 I can’t help but continue to bring up Batman as long as he is fighting The Joker. Dying and the Dead #1 Jonathan Hickman gets his … Continue reading


Oscar Nominee Review: ‘The Theory of Everything’

Director: James Marsh Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis Plot: This film recounts the life and relationships of acclaimed physicist Professor Stephen Hawking from his time at college through his illness, losing his voice-box and becoming the recognised figure he is today. Review: Between this and the brilliant The Imitation Game the Oscars seem to be … Continue reading

Mystery Express

Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Mystery Express’

Publisher: Days of Wonder Players: 3-5 Play Time: 60-90 minutes Genre: Deduction, bluff Review: As I start writing I remembered that this is the third Days of Wonder game I’ve reviewed in a row. Not intentional, but I like their games. Something different next time. Promise. Have you played Cluedo (or Clue to some)? The gist of the well known … Continue reading


Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Frozen’

 I don’t think there’s much I can say about Frozen that hasn’t been said already. Disney’s 2013 classic has broken records around the world and become its own cultural phenomena. It’s a classic fairy-tale twisted into a story about sisters, strength, and snow; Frozen will stay in Disney’s top accomplishments for many years to come. … Continue reading


The Geekery Guide: What is the Cthulhu Mythos?

Welcome to our new series! What is it? Well, I’m old enough to remember when being a geek wasn’t cool or even accepted. I remember a friend of mine asking me why I read comics, pointing out that I was the only person in the school who did (don’t get cranky, he meant well). These … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Compliance’

Director: Craig Zobel Cast: Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy Plot: The manager and workers of a fast food franchise restaurant find themselves in a difficult position when a calling identifying themselves as a police officer asks them to perform unseemly tasks. Review: I’d heard of the true events that inspired this film before learning about … Continue reading