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The Geekery Guide: Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

No ‘Age of Ultron’ Spoilers in this article. You may have noticed that movies and television shows based on comics have exploded in quality and popularity this past couple of years. If not, welcome to Earth! Do you really have talking racoons in space? You would also have noticed products based on Marvel comics have … Continue reading


The Pull List: 4/22/2015

Must read comics Convergence Batman & The Outsiders Convergence already bores me. But I couldn’t resist throwing out this classic team up.  Infinite Loop #1 The solicit doesn’t say too much about this upcoming series. But its about time-travel, and after Predestination, I am on a bit of a time travel kick. Inhuman Special #1 … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘The Cobbler’

Directed by: Thomas McCarthy Starring: Adam Sandler, Method Man, and Melanie Diaz Plot: A New York cobbler discovers that by wearing the shoes he worked on, he can become his customers. Review: There was  time when I would consider myself an Adam Sandler fan. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore were on permanent replay, while The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy snuck in a … Continue reading


10 Potential ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequels (That Are Totally Canon)

So after a long time I have finished reading The World of Ice and Fire. This not unsurprisingly dense tome provides an in-depth account of the world of Westeros from before written history to the events that we’re familiar with, along with accounts of the surrounding waters, the main cities and regions of Essos and a … Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘The Salvation’

Directed by: Kristian Levring Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Plot: A Danish soldier trying to set up a new life in America seeks revenge for the murders of his wife and child. Review: I see genres (and all subsets of subgenres) as experimentations on themes of the human condition. Each movie does their part … Continue reading

Wolfgang Bylsma House of Geekery

Exclusive Interview with Wolfgang Bylsma, Co-Founder of Gestalt Comics

I know a lot of our readers are in the United States. Something like 90% of the regular readership. I also know that a lot of you like comics. Because of this, there are no doubt people reading this who have not yet been introduced to Gestalt Comics, an Australian based publisher of graphic novels. … Continue reading

space milkshake

Why Every Geek Should Know About ‘Space Milkshake’

So a couple of days ago Oz ComicCon comes to town. It’s pretty exciting. We’re a small, very isolated city and it’s not uncommon for tours and events to skip us entirely on their national tours. We try not to be bitter because it’s an extra couple of days travel for a small pay off. … Continue reading


Oz ComicCon Perth 2015 Cosplayers! (Sunday Part 2)

We’re at the end of the road. This will be our final gallery of Cosplayers for this con, and they continue to be amazing! You may feel like you’ve seen some impressive costumes so far (and you have), but some of these are going to really blow your mind! Previously: Gallery 1  Gallery 2  Gallery … Continue reading

Emma Caulfield House of Geekery

Exclusive Interview with Emma Caulfield!

This was an awesome Oz ComicCon for Buffy fans! Hopefully you’ve already seen our interviews with Amber Benson and Sarah Hagan, and now we have one of the leading cast members! The world’s favourite vengeance demon Emma Caulfield!   Audio: Emma Caulfield House of Geekery Oz ComicCon G-Funk: We’re here again at OzComicCon 2015 and we’re talking … Continue reading

Kylie Chan

Exclusive Interview with Kylie Chan!

Over the weekend, we at the House of Geekery had the pleasure of catching up with best selling author, Kylie Chan, for a chat about her books and her work as a writer. I caught her at a heap of her panels on her last visit to the Perth convention circuit at Supanova a few … Continue reading