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Marvel Reboots…Again


If you kept track of comics last year you knew that Marvel was having a rough year. True they had fantastic books like: Black Bolt, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and All-New Wolverine; but their… Continue reading

Top 10 Characters Likely to Die in ‘Infinity War’


There are two things to consider in the upcoming two-part Infinity War movie event. First: Thanos has to be established as a bigger threat that everything that came before. Loki, Ultron and company were… Continue reading

Marvel Legacy WTF?


On June 22nd Marvel released a statement claiming that they would be making an announcement about their much teased Marvel Legacy. Not only would this be an announcement this was to be an… Continue reading

Coolest Superhero Headquarters


Every superhero needs a place to hang their cape, trophies, and gadgets. Or sometimes they use their hideaways to simply relax after a long day of making the world a better place. Of… Continue reading

We Have The Superhero Movies, So Where Are All The Games?


With the never-ending conveyor belt of superhero films having no end in sight, the respective studios capitalising on the merchandising is inevitable. Toys, TV series tie-ins and just about anything else has been created by Marvel/Disney… Continue reading

The Pull List: 11/9/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Alters #2 The first issue was in September, and I have been patiently awaiting the second. It is, in general, classic superhero storytelling. People have been developing super… Continue reading

The Pull List: 7/13/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Conan the Slayer #1 Conan is back! Did you need more reasons? Ok fine.How about he is half dead, crawling through a wasteland? That’s kinda of interesting. The… Continue reading

Marvel Animation is Dismal, So Let’s Fix It


I have a serious problem with Marvel Animation. Ever since Disney acquired Marvel Studios, the films have flourished, while the animated television branch has failed in my opinion. I have a plan and… Continue reading

The Significance of Black Panther In The MCU & Beyond


                                     Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Superman & Thor. Each one of these superheroes has various… Continue reading

Top 20 Performances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Now, that Ant-Man is out, Marvel’s Phase 2 of their cinematic universe is over. Before we move on with Phase 3, this would be a good time to look back on what they have… Continue reading

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