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Spotlight On: Edward D. Wood Jr.


Usually when you were regarded as the worst at something you are not remembered for it. That is what makes filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr. so special, often dubbed “the Worst Director who… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘The Street Fighter’


I already know many of you are expecting a review of the terribly awesome Jean-Claude Van Damme movie (that will probably come in a later Retro Review) or the even worse one with… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’


  Plot:  After losing his job as a mechanic, recovering alcoholic Bradley Thomas (Vince Vaughn) returns to his life as a drug courier in order to make more money and repair his broken… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Poor Pretty Eddie’


Like many other exploitation films of the grindhouse circuit this film was criticized upon its release for its depravity, violence, and horrific sexual elements. A reviewer for the University of Georgia’s student paper… Continue reading

Best Hixploitation Movies


Any fan of cult cinema knows there are a plethora of film genres out there far away from the prying eyes of mainstream audiences. One such genre is the hixploitation, a type of… Continue reading

If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do? Retro Review


For people such as myself who have a love for cult classics and grindhouse films, a strange sub genre many of us have an affinity for is the “Christian scare films”. Often produced… Continue reading