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Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2015


The most wonderful time of the year returned to Chicago this past weekend, The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. This smaller convention started back in 2010 and it is the one convention I attend… Continue reading

Casting Call: The Beast/Prince (Beauty and the Beast)


This week Emma Watson was announced as the lead in the upcoming live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” this really comes as no surprise as fans have been pretty much set on… Continue reading

5 Actors Who Would Be a Better Gambit


There are times when casting directors should really take a note from the fans and be very careful who they choose to fill iconic roles, especially those in the geek/nerd world of comics,… Continue reading

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2014


One of my absolute favorite times of the year has come and gone, the bitter sweet taste of convention time in Chicago. The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo held at the McCormick Place… Continue reading

Requesting a Remake: ‘Little Shop of Horrors’


Have you ever watched an older film, either from your childhood or earlier and thought, “I would love to see this remade, for a new generation to enjoy it and with new talent behind… Continue reading

Casting Call: The Doctor


Well, unfortunately it is that time again. With the newest season of Doctor Who over (and what an ending am I right?!!) the inevitable has once again happened, Matt Smith is leaving the show.… Continue reading

Bring Forth the Bard! Casting “King Lear”


Where is Shakespeare, why has the Bard been so ignored in the last decade? Is his high collar just not in vogue anymore? Why, when we finally do get an adaptation, are we… Continue reading

Poetry in Motion – The Walking Dead: Season 1


I am not a zombie fan. Okay, well I should say I am not normally a zombie fan. Well, maybe, okay so I was not a zombie fan, but in the past few… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Lincoln’


Plot: Corruption, scandal, infighting, bipartisan mudslinging…Politics will always be the same. Lincoln fights for what is right, even as the rest of the country is tearing itself apart at the seams, both in the… Continue reading

The Many Faces of Felix Leiter


In the world of Bond, James is king sure, but no one can say he works alone 100% of the time. How could a super spy work in a vacuum? Not possible. Throughout… Continue reading

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