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10 Upcoming Book Adaptations From Female Authors


Books can give us some of the best films and television shows and each year the most popular and well-read stories are adapted to the silver screen. Not surprisingly, and not unlike almost… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Ben Elton!


Black Adder and The Young Ones. Upstart Crow, The Thin Blue Line and The Man From Auntie. We Will Rock You. 15 best selling novels with five being #1 chart toppers. A career as a leader politic satirist… Continue reading

The Geekery Guide: ‘Ready Player One’


By now you’ve likely seen the trailer for upcoming Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One. In the event that you haven’t, voila! If you’re on this site it’s very likely that you’re at least… Continue reading

Kylie Chan Interview, 2016 Perth Oz Comic Con


With Oz Comic Con season right around the corner here in Australia, I thought I might give you all a long overdue treat. Last year at Oz Comic Con in Perth we had… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ by Holly Madison


Here’s an intriguing premise – a peek behind the doors of the fabled Playboy Mansion and into the lives of those who reside there. The most famous pornographic publication in history, a name… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Kylie Chan!


Over the weekend, we at the House of Geekery had the pleasure of catching up with best selling author, Kylie Chan, for a chat about her books and her work as a writer.… Continue reading

The Top 10 Characters from Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’


Yesterday we lost the legendarily prolific fantasy writer and satirist Sir Terry Pratchett. Luckily for us we have his characters, who exist beyond the stories he told having grown beyond the pages they… Continue reading

Tribute: Sir Terry Pratchett


This is a difficult one to write. Not only was Sir Pratchett a massive contributor to geek culture and very open in communicating with his fans, but his passing has long been foreshadowed.… Continue reading

The Geekery Guide: What is the Cthulhu Mythos?


Welcome to our new series! What is it? Well, I’m old enough to remember when being a geek wasn’t cool or even accepted. I remember a friend of mine asking me why I… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Silo Trilogy’


By Hedge I’m a fan of a good dystopia. I love apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic media from films like Mad Max, and the recent, truly stunning These Final Hours, to novels like 1984 and… Continue reading

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