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10 More Films to Watch During the Halloween Season


A few years back I brought you 31 Days of Halloween Films. Today I present with 10 more great choices to watch during the most wonderful time of the year. The Adventures of… Continue reading

Top 10 Characters Likely to Die in ‘Infinity War’


There are two things to consider in the upcoming two-part Infinity War movie event. First: Thanos has to be established as a bigger threat that everything that came before. Loki, Ultron and company were… Continue reading

Top 10 TV Show Intros (Part V)


  There’s something pure about how a TV show introduction is constructed, and yes, saying that does make me feel like an arty wanker. But there’s few other places that creative types can… Continue reading

The 6 Most Ego Driven Moments in Hollywood


Hollywood is a place fuelled by the human ego. It is a glittering monument to those for whom the world revolves around. It’s where those egos gorge on pandering attention until it becomes… Continue reading

Top 10 Indie Games You Should Have Played by Now


The Indie game market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or two. Bedroom developers have the ability and resources to compete on the open market if they have the… Continue reading

Sir Roger Moore’s Top 10 ‘James Bond’ Moments


Last night it was announced that actor Roger Moore had passed away. Although Moore had a long and colourful career, making a name for himself in The Saint on television, it’s his seven movie… Continue reading

10 More Fan Theories We Love


It’s been a while since we addressed the internet’s habit of explaining and re-explain strange coincidences and plot holes in popular culture. Creating fan theories is a fun hobby (so long as it doesn’t involve… Continue reading

Top 10 Movie Trailers (That Show Almost Nothing)


If there’s one criticism levelled at movie trailers in the modern day, it would be that they all look the same. Another would be that they give away far to much information about… Continue reading

10 Blockbuster Movies You Didn’t See in 2016


Do you know what 2016 has? LOTS OF BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES!!! Yay! Wait, no this is terrible. The problem here is that studios rely on ‘tentpole’ to fund the rest of their schedule, all… Continue reading

10 Classic Gaming Franchises You Forgot Existed


There are those gaming franchises that we’re waiting to return, like Timesplitters, and there are those that crashed and burned with terrible entires, like Final Fight. Then there are those that just…vanished. Some of these may… Continue reading

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