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X-Men Top 5 Stories


For decades the X-Men have been a persecuted minority in their universe. But in our universe they are the stars of one of the most beloved comic franchises ever published. They have even… Continue reading

The Worst Comic Book Movie Villains


With the explosion of comic to film adaptations, a good number of our favorite heroes have been brought to life on the silver screen. This inevitably means some of our favorite bad guys… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Len Wein


We have fans of all types of geek culture here at House of Geekery, so the name Len Wein may not be immediately familiar to you. His creations, on the other hand…  … Continue reading

Best Rogues Galleries in Comics


It is almost cliched at this point to say that every good superhero is defined by his villains. But that does not make it less true. The best superheroes seem to have an… Continue reading

Who Are the New Mutants? A Handy Guide


We’ve got a cast, the production is greenlit…the official New Mutants movie is under way and the cinematic ‘X-Men’ universe is about to get bigger. But who are they? The New Mutants, whilst popular… Continue reading

X-Men Comics VS Movies (Part 6 – Days of Future Past)


Although the timelines are getting more complicated, we still have a job to do. We have to compare the comics to the movies. Well, we don’t…but we’re going to. Although Days of Future Past… Continue reading

The Pull List: X-Factor-Fox’s Next Priority


The Pull List started as a weekly spotlight on interesting new releases, but it has since redirected that spotlight to random thoughts about characters, storylines, and other comic book elements. The R-rated, modestly budgeted… Continue reading

X-Men: Comics VS Movies (First Class)


I hope you hadn’t thought I’d forgotten this series because…well, I had. Those Fast and the Furious and Saw marathons unravelled my brain. Enough excuses, it’s time for use to look at the prequels/alternate timeline and… Continue reading

10 X-Men Villains We Won’t See in the Movies


There have been some weird and terrible X-Men over the years…and some awesome ones who haven’t been in the films. Now it’s time to consider the villains. Some of these won’t appear in… Continue reading

The X-Men: Movies vs Comics (Pt. 4 – LOGAN Edition)


Over the past few weeks we have obsessively compared the characters in the X-Men films to their comic counterparts. To follow up the articles covering the first two Wolverine films we’ve got the newest and… Continue reading

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