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Don’t Screw These Adaptations Up!


Right, Given how utterly risk averse the big studios have become in recent years the number of literary titles that have been adapted into one form or another. By and large though the… Continue reading

Oscar Winners in Review – Silver Linings Playbook


Right, For all of the incredible stuff that the movies have produced, radically shifting how we view, interact and understand our world and respective cultures there are still things that films genuinely struggle… Continue reading

Book Review – ‘Blackbirds’ by Chuck Wendig


It’s an awesome jacket. Seriously, just look at that Right, Firstly this one is kind of embarrassing for me. I’ve been running this blog for about twelve months now and this is the… Continue reading

Oscar Winners in Review – Paperman


Right, I imagine a few of you may well be taken aback from the title. Oscar Winners is this supposed to be? Oscar winners, you say, but what the HELL is Paperman? Well,… Continue reading

Never Scene It – Volume I


Right, There is an inevitable side effect of being a movie geek, which is after a certain amount of time you acquire a reputation for being ‘that guy.’ You know ‘that guy’ –… Continue reading

Oscar Winnners in Review – Django Unchained


Right, Let’s start with this – Quentin Tarantino is a self-aggrandising, controversial and loud-mouthed movie nerd who pisses off as many people as he makes fans. He’s also a genuine genius and I… Continue reading

Oscar Winners in Review – Argo


Right, This is somewhat potentially embarrassing for me – as someone who has always considered himself a film buff I always used to be on top of awards season. Before the ceremonies I… Continue reading

The Top 5 Reasons Why Joffrey is a Complete Bastard


If you’re new to the world of Westeros you’ll quickly learn that in the vast parade of characters there are many that you’ll love and some that you’ll love to hate.  Amongst the… Continue reading

Dredding it Part II


Right, First off, this is my first PageBoy review for this site, and if there is anything the internet is good at it is celebrating pointless milestones, (that and cat gifs right?) So… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘The Sweeney’


Director: Nick Love Cast: Ray Winstone, Ben Drew, Damien Lewis, Hayley Atwell With his execrable reboot/remake/ravaging of a classic UK crime franchise, Nick Love proves himself to be the foremost hack of British… Continue reading

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