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The Greatest Superhero Deaths


The superheroes of comic books are our modern day legends and myths. These super powered being enthrall us with their epic battles, but sometimes with the stakes so high they fall. The history… Continue reading

The Pull List: The Man of Tomorrow, Today


The Pull List started as a weekly spotlight on interesting new releases, but it has since redirected that spotlight to random thoughts about characters, storylines, and other comic book elements. When did Superman STOP… Continue reading

WTF Is Going On With Warner Bros. and the DCEU???


  Have you ever seen this classic scene from The Simpsons: As a DCEU enthusiast (please don’t read that as a Marvel hater) my interest has always been geared more towards that camp… Continue reading

Coolest Superhero Headquarters


Every superhero needs a place to hang their cape, trophies, and gadgets. Or sometimes they use their hideaways to simply relax after a long day of making the world a better place. Of… Continue reading

‘Superman: The Movie’ Retro Review


Over the past ten years I have been forced to endure three Superman movies which portrayed the Man of Steel as less super and more sad and moody. I know I am not… Continue reading

DC Rebirth: ‘The Best of the Reboot’


Earlier this year, the Twitter accounts associated with the top people at DC Comics began to display the picture with the word “Rebirth” featured prominently. Immediately I rolled my eyes and went here… Continue reading

Ultimately An Upgrade: A Look at the ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Ultimate Cut


I’ve made it abundantly clear regarding my mixed emotions about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  There were things that I absolutely loved about it and there were moments that made me want to run… Continue reading

WTF Hollywood!!!??? Get Lex Luthor Right Already!


Critics and fanboys had plenty (mostly negative) things to say about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when it hit the multiplexes back in March.  A large portion of that ire was directed… Continue reading

I Liked ‘Batman v Superman’…Until Zack Snyder Defended It


I feel like I’m in an awkward position. Before the massive layers of hate were stacked on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I’d attended an advance screening and enjoyed it. I even gave… Continue reading

Zack Synder is NOT Trying to Kill Superman


***WARNING Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice SPOILERS BELOW*** Before you go any further, please read the following as my post is an open response to the article: Superman and the Damage Done… Continue reading

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