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Comics to Look Forward to in 2018


Recently I wrote about the best comics of 2017, but let us face it 2017 is in the past it is time to look forward to 2018. Publishers throughout comicdom are amping up… Continue reading

Best Comics of 2017


The comic book industry had an incredibly active 2017 to say the least. Despite going through struggles, Marvel still published some fantastic books, even if they were pushed by the wayside. Rebelling against… Continue reading

Bendis at DC: Do’s and Don’ts


A ripple was sent through the comic book community recently when it was announced that Marvel Comics stalwart Brian Michael Bendis had signed an exclusive multiyear deal with DC Comics. For close to… Continue reading

Best Batman Artists


A long while ago I wrote about the best writers in the comic book industry who have tackled the adventures of the Dark Knight (which can be read HERE). But comics are a… Continue reading

The Greatest Superhero Deaths


The superheroes of comic books are our modern day legends and myths. These super powered being enthrall us with their epic battles, but sometimes with the stakes so high they fall. The history… Continue reading

Best Rogues Galleries in Comics


It is almost cliched at this point to say that every good superhero is defined by his villains. But that does not make it less true. The best superheroes seem to have an… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Batman and Bill’


Stories about unsung heroes are always guaranteed to bring out a flood of emotions from people and this is exactly what author Mark Nobleman is aiming for in the documentary Batman and Bill.… Continue reading

DC Comics Young Animals: The First Issues


For those who have not been keeping up with the comic book industry lately DC Comics has shed the controversial move of the New 52 and are dominating the charts with not only… Continue reading

DC Rebirth: ‘The Best of the Reboot’


Earlier this year, the Twitter accounts associated with the top people at DC Comics began to display the picture with the word “Rebirth” featured prominently. Immediately I rolled my eyes and went here… Continue reading

Classic Scene: “I’m Batman”


“I’m Batman” Batman Directed by Tim Burton, 1989 The Scene: Two street thugs in Gotham City have successfully just robbed a family and are going through the loot. Little do they know the… Continue reading

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