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Retro Review – ‘Tombstone’


Ever since the heyday of the Western, there have been dozens of film adaptations of Wyatt Earp taking on the Cowboys at the OK Corral to bring order to the town of Tombstone.… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Fright Night’


In the realm of horror movies vampires are a constant source of material, they just need a clever filmmaker to reinvent the classic tropes and they are screen ready. Which is exactly what… Continue reading

Retro Review – ‘Miami Connection’


Let’s face it those of us who love movies have a special place in our hearts for the big dumb action movies of the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t mean movies like; Predator… Continue reading

The Forgotten Gems of My Childhood


So, it’s my birthday and I’ve been a nerd for a long time. As a result some of the shows and movies I loved as a child have been forgotten. Some have aged… Continue reading

Holiday Retro Review: ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’


It has become a tradition for the makers of slasher flicks to base their movies around major landmark days. Whether they be prom night, April Fools Day, summer camp, or Halloween. A few… Continue reading

Retro Review – ‘Theatre of Blood’


Throughout his decades long career, Vincent Price cemented his status has arguably the biggest icon in the history of horror films. With his thin mustache, dark charisma, and trademark voice, he terrified audiences… Continue reading

Great Horror VHS Art Volume 1


Many cinephiles have griped about it and studios do nothing about it feeling this is the best way to promote their movies. Of course I am talking about movie posters and Blu-Ray covers.… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Poor Pretty Eddie’


Like many other exploitation films of the grindhouse circuit this film was criticized upon its release for its depravity, violence, and horrific sexual elements. A reviewer for the University of Georgia’s student paper… Continue reading

Retro Review – ‘Walking Tall’


Those hoping for a review of the polished mainstream action/comedy starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson which came out a few years are out of luck. Instead this is a review of gritty and… Continue reading

Retro Review – ‘Suspiria’


Often times people assume when you are making a good movie, the first thing you need is a solid and well-crafted script. But on the rarest of occasions a gifted filmmaker can take… Continue reading

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