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X-Men Top 5 Stories


For decades the X-Men have been a persecuted minority in their universe. But in our universe they are the stars of one of the most beloved comic franchises ever published. They have even… Continue reading

Classic Scene: Werewolf Transformation


Werewolf transformation An American Werewolf in London (1981) Dir. John Landis The Scene: David sits and tries to take his mind off of everything by reading a book. But the moon looms overhead… Continue reading

Marvel Reboots…Again


If you kept track of comics last year you knew that Marvel was having a rough year. True they had fantastic books like: Black Bolt, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and All-New Wolverine; but their… Continue reading

Basic Tools for Ghost Hunting


For years now, television has been dominated with shows which follow ghost hunters investigating the paranomal. One thing that stands out to most is the use of hi-tech equipment used across all of… Continue reading

The Worst Justice League Members


For over fifty years, the Justice League has stood as arguably the greatest team of superheroes ever put together. During this time their ranks have seen members like: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green… Continue reading

Retro Review: The Lost Boys


Aside from slashers the other prevalent horror trend in 80’s cinema was finding ways to take classic monsters and present them in fresh modern ways. John Landis and Joe Dante gave a new… Continue reading

Cryptids in the Water


In the field of cryptozoology many of the most intriguing subjects are the mysterious animals who could be living in our lakes and rivers. Around the world people have been seeing bizarre creatures… Continue reading

Spotlight On: Lon Chaney


When he accepted his Golden Globe for Best Director, Guillmero del Toro name dropped an actor who many revere as the first monster of filmdom, Lon Chaney. Those who are not well versed… Continue reading

Retro Review – ‘Tombstone’


Ever since the heyday of the Western, there have been dozens of film adaptations of Wyatt Earp taking on the Cowboys at the OK Corral to bring order to the town of Tombstone.… Continue reading

Black Panther Reading Guide


The next hit movie from Marvel Studios is on the way in the form of Black Panther which will no doubt continue the massive success of the studio. Based on the first black… Continue reading

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