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In Memoriam: Len Wein


We have fans of all types of geek culture here at House of Geekery, so the name Len Wein may not be immediately familiar to you. His creations, on the other hand…  … Continue reading

In Memoriam: George A. Romero


What’s a zombie? If you answered ‘an aspect of Haitian mythology wherein a corpse animated through magic to work as a slave and will break the spell by killing it’s master if you… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Martin Landau


Today is a pretty exciting day for geek culture. We have a reveal of a new Doctor on Doctor Who and a new episode of Game of Thrones is out. First though we’re going to… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Michael Nyqvist


On the 27th June this year we saw the passing of Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist. He was aged 56 and died of lung cancer. Although he is relatively new to English speaking audiences,… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Adam West


This past Friday night TV and movie star Adam West passed away following a battle with leukemia. He was 88 years old. Adam West was born William West Anderson in Washington in 1928… Continue reading

Sir Roger Moore’s Top 10 ‘James Bond’ Moments


Last night it was announced that actor Roger Moore had passed away. Although Moore had a long and colourful career, making a name for himself in The Saint on television, it’s his seven movie… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Murray Ball


  I don’t know how much this is going to matter to our many, many international readers but we’re hoping that, at the very least, you’ll be introduced to a damn good comic… Continue reading

In Memorium: Richard Hatch


Last night brought us some bad news, the passing actor Richard Hatch. Sci-fi fans will best know Hatch for his duel roles in the Battlestar Galactica series, having played key roles in both the original… Continue reading

In Memorium: Sir John Hurt


It was recently announced publicly that actor Sir John Hurt passed away on the 27th Jan. 2017 aged 77. It would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to recognise his impact… Continue reading

Tribute: Debbie Reynolds R.I.P.


Only a day after we paid tribute to Carrie Fisher following her passing we find ourselves reflecting on the career of her mother, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, who passed away after suffering a… Continue reading

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