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Horror: A Woman’s Game


With the new millennium women in horror movies continued their upward trend following the 90s reinvention and became bigger and better characters. Taking notes from Misery the rise of women as villains become… Continue reading

Horror: A Woman’s Game (Part 1)


This is something that I’ve been rolling around in my mind for a while now, and I’ve held off on it until Halloween to tie into the spirit of the season. Now I’m… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Turbo Kid’


Turbo Kid is so gloriously 80s that had it been made in the 80s it would’ve been ignored, as it stands it was made 30 years later and works as a nostalgic throwback… Continue reading

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Review (2nd Opinion)


No Spoilers in this review, I do give some bits away about the set-up of the movie but it doesn’t give anything away. In 2008 Marvel studios put out an entertaining little flick… Continue reading

EIFF 2014 Review 2: ‘Let Us Prey’


The following review does contain some strong language. I would apologise but I was pretty psyched when I wrote this so take the cursing to be a good thing. Basically the film gets… Continue reading

EIFF 2014 Review: ‘Hyena’


Over the next 11 days I shall be checking out a few films from the 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival. due to costs I won’t be seeing a huge amount (just seven films… Continue reading

Movie Review – ‘Filth’


Note – Filth was released in Scotland on Sep 27th and the rest of the UK on Oct 4th. It’s US release date at time of writing is unknown. * “Scotland. This nation… Continue reading

Bad Broken – A Reflection on ‘Breaking Bad’


WARNING – No major spoilers will be mentioned but certain plot points will be. No spoilers past Season 5A * My first introduction to Breaking Bad wasn’t what you would’ve expected. Several years… Continue reading

Horror Review – ‘Maniac’ (2013)


In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A Hobbit. Who Collected Scalps. * Maniac. Goddamn what can I say about Maniac. This is truly unlike anything I’ve seen before.  It’s brutal, it’s… Continue reading

Craziest Fan Theories


Ever since the internet was born, people have used it to tell people the craziest things, some of those crazy things are theories that people create to explain (or sometimes ruin) famous films… Continue reading

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