Craziest Fan Theories

Ever since the internet was born, people have used it to tell people the craziest things, some of those crazy things are theories that people create to explain (or sometimes ruin) famous films and/or TV shows. While most of them fall under the whole ‘it was a dream’ or ‘it’s the future’ categories, these are some of the more interesting (and downright disturbing) ones.

There be SPOILERS in this article


The Sopranos – Tony Dies

This is one of the more believable theories as there is actually a great deal of evidence for it but no actual proof so it could go either way. For those of you who don’t know the final scene of The Sopranos has Tony sitting down to dinner in a restaurant with his family while Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is playing, then just as his daughter Meadow arrives the screen and sound cut to nothing and there’s five seconds of black before the credits.


Well the theory is that that cut to black is actually Tony’s death, the evidence? Before Meadow arrived Tony always looked up when the doorbell rang and we saw who was coming in, hence Tony’s P.O.V., but we never see Meadow because Tony never had P.O.V. since he had been shot.

In an earlier episode of the season, when talking to Bobby, Tony speaks of death – ‘I bet it’s like cutting to black’. Staying with this Tony wouldn’t even hear the bullet since bullets travel faster than sound, this very notion has been shown in earlier episodes of the show, most prominent when Silvio goes to dinner and his friend gets shot, Silvio feels the blood hit his face before any bullet is heard.


Also when looking for Journey on the jukebox, the page before that had ‘This Magic Moment’ by Jay & The Americans, the very song playing during Tony and Bobby’s talk

So who kills Tony? It’s widely believed to be The Man In The Member’s Only Jacket (or MOG). For starters he arrives at the same time as A.J., hinting that he followed Tony’s son, knowing he wouldn’t suspect him being followed. We also see a lot more of MOG than any other patron in the restaurant, his shifty nature just makes him an uneasy character whether he does kill Tony or not. The final note is that just before the end, MOG gets up and goes to the bathroom, to Tony’s side, meaning that Tony never even sees him when the gun is pulled.


There are a LOT more in depth analysis of this final scene and evidence towards Tony’s death. For the record, I liked the final scene, I thought it was a good ending and this death theory works well with it.

Drag Me To Hell – Eating Disorder

Raimi’s return to horror isn’t in fact a horror, instead it’s a film about a former fat girl trying to fit into this new image by starving herself and hallucinating as a result, aside from a couple scenes, you could watch this whole movie in this mindset and it would make sense.


The evil curse woman wasn’t real, it was just Christine’s imagination gone wild with lack of food and paranoia over bad advice. Also the image Christine see is a woman with no teeth, is hideous and steals candy from her desk, everything Christine is trying to avoid becoming, he psyche is taunting her, forcing her to eat but she won’t give in.

There’s also the fact that each time the ‘Spirit’ comes into play Christine is near food, she only gets attacked in the kitchen or when food is placed in front of her, hence why the cake has an eyeball in it, she’s forcing herself to be disgusted by it and not eat it.


Toy Story – Divorce

You may have noticed that in the Toy Story trilogy there’s no mention or note of Andy’s dad, it’s just him, his mother and his sister. So where is the man, well there’s every chance that he and Andy’s Mom are divorced.


This would explain why Andy and his family are moving house in the first movie, with a smaller family and smaller income they move to a smaller house. It also explains why Andy forms an attachment to these childhood dolls, they’re more than just play things they’re authoritive figures for Andy to project a father figure image onto.

This makes sense since all three Toy Story movies deal with abandonment issues, Andy feels abandoned by his father just as Woody feels abandoned by Andy, it’s all about letting go and moving on which is just what Andy and Woody do in their own way.


Or his dad could be dead, I don’t know.

The Avengers – Loki wanted to get caught

This is less a theory, more speculation at the moment and it would be a good set-up for Avengers 2. During Marvel Phase 1, Loki’s plan for power in Thor gets ruined and he falls into a wormhole, seemingly disappearing. That is until The Avengers and he returns, now with an army intent on destroying Earth.


Or was he? The after credits scene of Avengers show that Loki was serving a master, Thanos, a famous Marvel villain who wishes to own the Infinity Gauntlet in order to impress Lady Death. And where is the infinity gauntlet, why, Asgard of course.

You see it, right there.

You see it, right there.

So if Loki is serving Thanos, and Thanos wants the Gauntlet and the Gauntlet is in Asgard, what better plan than to fake an invasion, have Loki get captured and taken to Asgard as prisoner, then use him as a man on the inside.

It’s speculation like I said but it’s a nice set-up for Avengers 2 if it’s true, only time will tell how it will all play out.

What are you up to weird Al?

What are you up to weird Al?

Blade Runner – Deckard is a Replicant

This is a more famous one and one that deserves mention because people are still arguing about to this day. For every piece of evidence that proves the theory there’s a piece that disproves it but neither give a full-on answer.


I could do an entire article on the subject with all the little hints and clues but I don’t have the time or the effort to do so, instead I’ll jump right into the biggest clue that Deckard is a replicant, the unicorn.

This is D.C., Final Cut thing so if you don’t know what I’m talking about that’s why. Throughout the film Deckard has strange dreams and sometimes visions of a unicorn running through field, there’s no rhyme or reason for it but it’s there. It means nothing until the end of the film where Deckard finds an origami unicorn left at his house by fellow officer Gaff, hinting that Gaff knows about Deckard’s unicorn dreams.


This is significant because all the dreams and memories of a replicant are known by their creators, Gaff had Deckard created after an accident – hence why Gaff always has a limp – and reluctantly works alongside him. It creates all sorts of queries and questions but it makes sense in it’s own way.


Kill Bill – Bill doesn’t die

Yes, two entire movies about trying to kill this guy and she doesn’t even do it.


Watch the end credits and how the name of every dead person is crossed out, Lucy Lui, Michael Madsen, Vivica Fox. The only differing names are Daryl Hannah – who has a ? since we don’t know if she’s dead – and David Carradine, whose name is left alone. Hinting that he may not actually be dead.

That’s all well and good but why didn’t Beatrix kill him. Rewatch the two film and check out the order, while Vernita is the first on-screen death she actually occurs after the Blue Leaves battle. After killing a mother in front of her daughter, something inside Beatrix changes and she never kills again, anyone else who dies is someone else’s doing and even Elle survives, just blind now.


This makes sense because Beatrix wants to change, she wants out of this killing life and be a mother, even if at this point she doesn’t know that she is a mother. She still goes to Bill because that was her goal but seeing her daughter, alive and well in a house that is just not normal for a child to be in – BB’s frank talk about death is not the right thing for a child to talk about – Beatrix decides to take her away from this life.


While she doesn’t actually kill bill she does make it look like she does, she may have imitated the Five-Point-Palm trick but didn’t actually do it since apparently only Pai-Mei can do it properly. When she does Bill understands and plays along, seeing this as her revenge, not killing him but only looking like she did so she can take her daughter with her, mirroring what he did to her.

Ferris Bueller – Cameron’s Imagination

This is one of the weirder ones because it turns a fun comedy into a sort of quasi-fight club-esque thing. Basically the theory goes that Cameron, lonely, sick and desperate for friends, creates the characters of Ferris and Sloan in his head – or perhaps they already exist but Cameron decides to figure out what life would be like as their friend – and uses them to push himself to the stuff he was too afraid to like steal his father’s car and cruise round Chicago.


While this does explain a lot of the more fanciful elements of the film it also gives more insight into Cameron’s character, a boy so desperate for friends, for a normal home-life that he has to create characters in his own mind for him to interact with.

Suddenly the whole film is really depressing.


Batman – Joker didn’t kill Bruce’s parents.

This is to do with Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989, I am well aware that Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed by Joe Chill. Burton however, does not and has them die at the hands of Jack Napier, a mob guy who would later become the Joker.


While this does create an interesting dynamic in the film, it doesn’t fit in with the Batman mythos. But perhaps Burton was smarter than I’m giving him credit for, perhaps Napier didn’t kill Bruce’s parents, perhaps Bruce just projects the face of every criminal he meets onto his parent’s killer and uses that to take them down.


Batman has always been an interesting character because of his broken psyche and the possibility that he’s just as crazy as the people he fights, this theory shows that pretty damn well.

Rugrats – Angelica’s Mind


This one is really messed-up and so horribly depressing. And the worst part is there’s no evidence, some sick-minded individual thought this up. I fear for you my friend. Ok, so the theory goes that the rugrats are all figments of Angelica’s mind, she created them following the tragedy’s around her family and their friends.

Chucky died in childbirth with his mother which is why Chaz is a nervous wreck. Tommy was stillborn which is why Stu is always inventing toys for the son who never lived and Phil and Lil’s parents had an abortion, unknowing if it was a boy or a girl Angelica created the twins.

Like I said, twisted, but wait it gets worse. In the spin-off/sequel ‘All Grown Up’ Angelica is on drugs, primarily acid and other hallucinogenic so she could have her creations around her at all times because they were the only friends she had. Why was she on drugs, well that relates to the only non-fictional rugrat, Dill, unable to tell the difference between the real Dill and the fictional other babies, Angelica got mad when he wouldn’t obey her commands and hit him, causing a brain haemorrhage and turning Dill into a retard. In All Grown Up, his deformity and retardation makes Dill an outcast, racked with guilt, Angelica turns to drugs and starts up her imaginary friends again.

This goes on until Angelica dies from a drug overdose, just after All Grown Up was ‘cancelled’.

Jesus man.

Indy 4 – Indiana in the fridge


The events of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was actually the dream of Indiana as he slowly died of radiation poisoning in the nuked fridge.


. .

. . .

Fuck off.