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Spotlight On: Lon Chaney


When he accepted his Golden Globe for Best Director, Guillmero del Toro name dropped an actor who many revere as the first monster of filmdom, Lon Chaney. Those who are not well versed… Continue reading

Spotlight on Jimmy Stewart


During the Golden Age of Hollywood, most stars were placed on a pedestal. They were this glamorous and famed overclass the mortals who watched them on screen could only aspire to be like.… Continue reading

Forgotten Collaborators


A man I consider a mentor once told me about the men he calls the barons of popular culture. The creative people behind so much of the world of entertainment recognized the world… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Ben Elton!


Black Adder and The Young Ones. Upstart Crow, The Thin Blue Line and The Man From Auntie. We Will Rock You. 15 best selling novels with five being #1 chart toppers. A career as a leader politic satirist… Continue reading

Spotlight On: Nobou Nakagawa


Horror fans know Japan is home to some of the strangest and most unique films of the horror genre. As these movies began to grow an international fanbase and directors like Takashi Miike,… Continue reading

Jaime Lannister and Harley Quinn are the Same Character


On the surface this is a strange claim because these two characters appear to be nothing alike. One is a nobleman and a knight in an incestuous relationship with his twin while the… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Len Wein


We have fans of all types of geek culture here at House of Geekery, so the name Len Wein may not be immediately familiar to you. His creations, on the other hand…  … Continue reading

Remembering Tobe Hooper


Growing up Tobe Hooper had a passion for horror films. True he was a fan of movies as a whole but the horror genre was important to him. Unfortunately he found as he… Continue reading

The Marvel Netflix Universe – A Review in Hindsight


This weekend we all got to chill out and watch The Defenders, the culmination of 5 seasons of television. Bringing together four heroes, a multitude of support characters and a couple of hanging plot… Continue reading

Spotlight On: Karyn Kusama


Karyn Kusama’s career started out with two films that mostly flew under the radar. While neither Aeon Flux (2005) nor Girl Fight (2000) is lauded with much praise, they’re both solid entertaining pieces.… Continue reading

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