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‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Non-Spoiler) Review: Marvel’s Magnum Opus


The ‘Kid from Brooklyn’ has returned for his third solo outing, and Civil War takes superhero storytelling, action and gravitas to another level. Captain America: Civil War is as good as you’d hope.… Continue reading

Revisiting Daredevil: A Return to Hell’s Kitchen


Daredevil is, in my opinion, the best comic book TV show to ever grace the small screen. It’s an amazing adaptation of the classic Marvel Comics character. The show took television by storm… Continue reading

Why Indie Comic Books are the Future of Comics on the Big Screen


When you think of the most prominent comic book companies in film, you conclude on Marvel & DC. These are the two big publishers who are dominating the film business right now. As… Continue reading

Marvel Animation is Dismal, So Let’s Fix It


I have a serious problem with Marvel Animation. Ever since Disney acquired Marvel Studios, the films have flourished, while the animated television branch has failed in my opinion. I have a plan and… Continue reading

DC Do Or Die: Making A Case For A Question TV Series


TV has superhero fever and DC is a big part of that. The DC TV universe is expanding. Arrow has spawned a number of spinoffs and helped usher in a new television universe.… Continue reading

7 Actors & Actresses Who Could Play Sith Lords In The New Star Wars Saga


Star Wars is back! That means the return of epic intergalactic space fights, exotic space locales, lightsabers and stormtroopers. All of those returning features are great, but there’s one significant aspect that’s return… Continue reading

The Significance of Black Panther In The MCU & Beyond


                                     Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Superman & Thor. Each one of these superheroes has various… Continue reading

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