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A Review of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Film


If you’d like to check out my similar post for the Snow White fairytale, click here. La Belle et la Bête (1946) Watching this film feels like you’re inside a fairytale. It was… Continue reading

The Killers Behind ‘Mindhunter’


In their growing catalogue of critically acclaimed shows Netflix has added the new series Mindhunter. Based off of the early years of John Douglas as he and his mentor Robert K. Ressler (or… Continue reading

The Geekery Guide: ‘Ready Player One’


By now you’ve likely seen the trailer for upcoming Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One. In the event that you haven’t, voila! If you’re on this site it’s very likely that you’re at least… Continue reading

The 5 Movies You Didn’t See in 2016 (But Should Have)


Every year we get some movies that should’ve been popular releases, but aren’t. Whether it be through poor marketing, poor timing or a combination of other reasons some movies just fail to find their… Continue reading

Best Replacement Heroes


As a lover of comics I often wonder about those, new to medium, excited about diving right in only to be confused that Captain America is not Steve Rogers as in the movies… Continue reading

DC Rebirth: ‘The Best of the Reboot’


Earlier this year, the Twitter accounts associated with the top people at DC Comics began to display the picture with the word “Rebirth” featured prominently. Immediately I rolled my eyes and went here… Continue reading

Good Things About Bad Movies


Few people set out to make a bad film but they inevitably happen. In fact many notably terrible movies have aspects that shine through their terribleness. Some of the most famous bad movies… Continue reading

Paranormal Authors You Should Read


Thanks to a whole genre of TV as well as recent trends in horror flicks,that have cropped up in recent years, people all over the world have become fascinated with the paranormal. The… Continue reading

Garrison Keillor: The Final Broadcast of a Legend


After 42 years as one of most iconic voices on American radio, storyteller Garrison Keillor has hosted his final episode of A Prairie Home Companion. Coming along when National Public Radio was still… Continue reading

‘Jumping the Shark’, ‘Fridging the Girlfriend’ and 8 Other Pop Culture Idioms Explained


When lurking around the internet and talking about movies, TV shows, comics and the like there are some odd terms that get thrown about by trendy folks who like to sound clever (like… Continue reading

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