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How the Media Helped Create One of the Most Toxic Groups on the Internet


So here’s the thing. This article will make you unhappy. We’re going to talk about a truly horrid group of people and there’s a chance you haven’t heard of them. It you see… Continue reading

I Watched a ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ Marathon – Some Thoughts


Any mention of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on the internet is going to conjure up one image: The Bronies. If this is your first time online (welcome, avoid the YouTube comments section),… Continue reading

Harry Knowles: Why He Was Significant and Why He’s Terrible


One big story flooding the nerd news outlets and even the mainstream media this week regards Harry Knowles and his tendency towards grabbing at women who don’t want to be grabbed at. There… Continue reading

10 CreepyPasta Stories We Want to See on ‘Channel Zero’


For those who don’t already know, CreepyPasta is a term given to short horror stories that get passed around the internet. As with most internet trends there’s plenty of rubbish to sift through,… Continue reading

Good Things About Bad Movies


Few people set out to make a bad film but they inevitably happen. In fact many notably terrible movies have aspects that shine through their terribleness. Some of the most famous bad movies… Continue reading

The 10 Biggest Misconceptions Held About Movies


The rumour mill runs twice as fast in Hollywood, and false information has a tendency to take hold and not let go. There are some straight up wrong information and ideas about movies… Continue reading

What the Marketing for ‘Suicide Squad’ and DC Movies Are Doing Wrong


Today sees the debut of DC’s latest entry in the Superhero Movie War,┬áSuicide Squad, which promises to be a madcap, action-packed romp filled with demented and colourful characters. At least, it was promising… Continue reading

Why We Need a Female Ghostbusters


or The Issue of Female Representation in Film I recently saw the new Ghostbusters (2016) film and I loved it. I loved seeing four different women working together for the same cause. I… Continue reading

This American Life: The Best Episodes


Everybody has a story to tell and that is the driving force behind the hit NPR series This American Life from host Ira Glass. Since it debuted in 1995, this popular radio show… Continue reading

Let’s Discuss the Supanova LGBTIQ+ Controversy


Any geek who has been online during this past weekend would have seen some heated discussions going on regarding Australian pop-culture expo Supanova, including articles in both the niche and mainstream media. We… Continue reading

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