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15 Great ‘House of Geekery’ Articles


No doubt some of you kind folks are looking at that heading and thinking “gosh, that’s awfully self-indulgent…what is this, Buzzfeed?” But there’s a reason why we’re looking at our own website today:… Continue reading

11 Things to See on the Internet Right Now


Man, the internet is great. Just think of all the things, good or bad, we would never have been exposed to without it. So when you’re done with my 12 favourite youtube clips¬†take… Continue reading

What is Night Vale? Your Questions Answered


Floating cats, dog park and Carlos – beautiful, perfect Carlos. Denizens of the internet, especially those on tumblr, may have been getting confused hearing about these things. Pictures of hooded figures, radio presenters… Continue reading

Lego Simpsons Controversy is the Dumbest Controversy Ever


Sometimes as we browse our beloved internet we run into a group of people who have their priorities so misplaced they only show up on the Apple Maps App. Like the¬†John Carter Sequel… Continue reading

Funk’s 12 Favourite Things on YouTube


Sometimes you need to take a step back from the internet and really appreciate what streaming video has done for us. We have access to material that we would never have imagined ten… Continue reading

Craziest Fan Theories


Ever since the internet was born, people have used it to tell people the craziest things, some of those crazy things are theories that people create to explain (or sometimes ruin) famous films… Continue reading

Is it OK to Make Fun of OKCupid Users?


Let’s begin with an explanation of how this article came about. OKCupid is the biggest free online dating site available, and with the acquisition of of has only served to secure its… Continue reading

‘I Fucking Love Science’ is Run by a Girl. So What?


Spend any amount of time on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (especially Tumblr) you’ll find exactly a bajillion and one comments, memes and motivation posters supporting equality and the breaking down stereotypes. I’m happy… Continue reading

Web Series: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries


By Appa the Gypsy The web series as a narrative format has really taken off in the last couple of years. Youtube has become a great platform for a low budget series looking… Continue reading

Awesome Website Alert: Hipster Community on tumblr

by No, its not a community for hipster. It is a site of quotes of everyone’s favorite tv show, Community, superimposed over pictures of hipster bullshit. It brilliantly pokes fun at hipsters. Ironically,… Continue reading