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Review – Doctor Who ‘Twice Upon a Time’


The bittersweet time is here once again, when we bid a tearful farewell to a Doctor while brimming with excitement for the incoming new Doctor. When we last left Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor… Continue reading

Things that Made Geeks Happy in 2017


The past 20 years have been increasingly good to geeks and nerds. We’ve become the target of major marketing and consumer campaigns, meaning that everyone is trying to make stuff we love. Plus… Continue reading

Farewell to Twelve: The Era of Peter Capaldi


Since Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005, the powers that be have not missed a beat in casting actors capable of taking on this iconic role. In only a single season… Continue reading

The Real Argument Against The Doctor Becoming a Woman


There isn’t one. Seriously, when you broflakes start getting angry at SJWs it’s impossible to determine who’s the whiniest.  Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand this past 24 hours, the… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Doctor Who’s John Levene!


Back to Supanova, and this time we’re sitting down with John Levene, best known as Sgt. John Benton in the original run of Doctor Who. We also learned that he’s a very, very funny… Continue reading

A Doctor Who Missed His Appointment With Fame


2003 marked the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who, an event which came at a time when nobody, least of all most of the BBC, thought it would ever return to television. BBC Worldwide wanted to… Continue reading

My 10 Favourite TV Shows


Most of our top 1o lists try to consider all angles. We try to rein in personal opinion as much as possible so we speak to the reader. Not today. It’s my birthday, and… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: Doctor Who: Series 9: Episode 7: The Zygon Invasion


It’s just a generally accepted fact that almost every Doctor Who episode since the moment BBC restarted the series has been strong.  In over 100 episodes I’ve yet to see an episode that rated less… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Episode 6 “The Woman Who Lived”


Occasionally in Doctor Who there’s an episode (not counting the Christmas specials) where the Companion is either absent or shows up towards the end of the show.  Such is the case with “The Woman Who… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 5: ‘The Girl Who Died’


  “The Girl Who Died” begins in one of those classic Doctor Who ways–at the end of another adventure we don’t know about.  Whereas some of the previous episodes in Series 9 have had… Continue reading

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