‘Doctor Who’ Characters RTD Should Bring Back

As the internationally famous Doctor Who approaches its milestone 60th year anniversary fans have a new showrunner on the horizon to look forward to and it is a familiar face, Russell T. Davies/ Back in 2005 the acclaimed writer behind shows like It’s a Sin and Queer as Folk was the one who brought Doctor Who back to the masses and setting the franchise on the course to arguably being more popular than it ever as been. He built the Time and Space foundation so strong the series has been going strong since he initially left in 2010. Now he is back to take control of the TARDIS once again and while his first run was devoted to reintroducing audiences to the Who-mythos, this time he will have the freedom to run wild with the upcoming 14th Doctor. While we have new and exciting things to look forward to, there are many characters viewers have not seen in a while and would like to learn what they have been up to.

Luke, Clyde, and Rani: One of the things which fans loved about RTD’s first time on Doctor Who was his expansion of the universe into spinoff shows. One of these featured former fan favorite companion Sarah Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures. While actress Elizabeth Sladen sadly passed away, the kids Sarah Jane trained to face alien threats are now grown up. The last time we saw this trio was in the special “Farewell, Sarah Jane” where they bid farewell to their friend and mentor. Since then they have continued to carry on her great legacy with her son Luke even taking a position with UNIT. Seeing the gang from 13 Bannerman Road, reunite with the Doctor would no doubt be a touching moment for fans who grew up with these characters.

Gwen Cooper: A cool element added to the Doctor Who mythos by Russell T Davies was the secretive organization Torchwood. In the spin-off series TV audiences became well acquainted with the Torchwood agents at the Cardiff office most of whom met their end in the line of duty. One character is still around is the former cop who served as the POV for the audience, Gwen Cooper. We have not heard from her since the most recent holiday special where we learned she helped fight a Dalek invasion and Captain Jack express interest in reuniting with her. Perhaps she along with the former Time Agent will be in the process of building a new Torchwood or perhaps battling alien threats on their own.

Jenny: In the acclaimed episode “The Doctor’s Daughter” the genetically created “daughter” of the Doctor, Jenny made her first appearance and immediately became a hit with fans. The episode ended with the adventurous character with a newfound sense of heroism taking to the stars to follow in her father’s footsteps. While she has not been seen on television since she has been a staple of the comics and audio adventures, sometimes crossing paths with other Who characters like Captain Jack Harkness and Frobisher.

The Rani: There is no denying the Master has been an absolute fan favorite villain since the return of Who. This is a credit to the performances of John Simm, Michelle Gomez, and Sacha Dhawan, but he/she perhaps deserves a break while another evil Time Lord takes the stage. Throughout the original series the Rani had been a frequent foe to the Time Lord but she has not been seen since a 1993 charity special. So a return of the cold-hearted scientist could open up new possibilities for challenges for the Doctor.

A classic companion: The Doctor always leaves a lasting impact on those he/she travels with and when Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant returned under his oversight we got to see this firsthand. With the wealth of story possibilities a returning companion presents this could be a great well for writers to return to. Sophie Aldred who played the fan favorite companion Ace is still active with the franchise and seeing as Ace is seen as setting the template for the modern companion her return makes perfect sense. Even further back than that, Carole Ann Ford who portrayed the Doctor’s granddaughter and first companion Susan, has lent her credibility to projects in recent years. The Doctor and his granddaughter being reunited has happened in an Eighth Doctor audio adventure, but this is the kind of story begging to be televised.