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Casting Call: ‘Death on the Nile’


With the success of Murder on the Orient Express, it was announced that there will be another Agatha Christie story put to film. This time it will be Death on the Nile. Below… Continue reading

Casting Call: HBO’s ‘Watchmen’


So, we all knew this was coming. As soon as rumors first started that Damon Lindelof might be taking the seminal graphic novel, Watchmen, to HBO as a TV series, geek sites across… Continue reading

Casting Call: ‘Fantastic Four’


On the big screen the characters of Marvel Comics have never been bigger. Characters like; Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and even Rocket Raccoon have grown beyond their four colored beginnings and… Continue reading

Casting Call: ‘The Nightingale’


The Nightingale is a novel by Kristin Hannah, published in 2015 that has sold over two million copies in the US. In 2016 it was announced that ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Michelle MacLaren… Continue reading

Casting Call: Egyptian Mythology


It’s no secret that Hollywood has a whitewashing problem. I didn’t bother to see Gods of Egypt (2016) so I can’t speak to its plot, but the film’s casting alone is cringe-worthy. Egyptian mythology… Continue reading

Who Should be in Space Jam 2


In a previous article I made it clear how I felt about the crazy little movie that could called Space Jam. On paper the combination of the Looney Tunes with Michael Jordan seems… Continue reading

Casting Call: Punisher Supporting Characters


The Punisher has made his debut in the MCU as a supporting player in Daredevil’s Netflix series. Jon Bernthal made the kind of first impression that had fans immediately clamoring for a spin-off.… Continue reading

10 More Historical Ladies Who Deserve Their Own Movie


A couple years back I wrote an article about 10 wonderful and accomplished ladies from history who should have their own film. Now I bring you 10 more! Special thanks to some of… Continue reading

Casting Call: ‘Ready Player One’


  ****ALERT!  SOME PLOT SPOILERS BELOW**** If you’ve followed me regularly on House of Geekery, you already know my unmitigated love for Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.  While I always thought it would… Continue reading

The All-Hollywood Football Team


Mmmm you can already start to smell fall in the air.  Who doesn’t love this time of year?  Hoodie weather, pumpkin beer, Halloween, apple pies and of course football.  To celebrate the return… Continue reading

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