Casting Call: ‘The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter’

“The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter” by Theodora Goss is a fun story for lovers of fantasy in the vein of Libba Bray and all things gothic horror. This is the story of the daughters of those famous literary figures and how they come together to solve a crime on the streets of London. According to Variety, The CW is developing the book into a drama series. Below I present my humble opinions on who could be cast in the lead roles. 

Lily Sullivan as Mary Jekyll, our responsible main protagonist and would-be detective

Emilia Jones as Diana Hyde, Mary’s fiery younger sister and sometimes street urchin

Deva Cassel as Beatrice Rappacini aka The Poisonous Girl from Italy; beautiful but dangerous

Hannah John-Kamen as Catherine Moreau, the cat-like scribe of the group 

Mia Goth as Justine Frankenstein, a young woman as sweet as she is tall

Miranda Richardson as Mrs. Poole, the loyal guardian of our misfit girls

Charlie Cox as Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective

Luke Pasqualino as Dr. Watson, Sherlock’s dashing assistant 


Kevin McKidd as Inspector Lestrade, who investigates the strange murders

Himesh Patel as Dr. Prendick, a scientist who gets in over his head

Andy Serkis as Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll’s violent alter-ego 


Brett Azar as Adam, Dr. Frankenstein’s first man-made monster