Category Archive: Legends of Geekdom

Spotlight On: Lon Chaney


When he accepted his Golden Globe for Best Director, Guillmero del Toro name dropped an actor who many revere as the first monster of filmdom, Lon Chaney. Those who are not well versed… Continue reading

Forgotten Collaborators


A man I consider a mentor once told me about the men he calls the barons of popular culture. The creative people behind so much of the world of entertainment recognized the world… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Ben Elton!


Black Adder and The Young Ones. Upstart Crow, The Thin Blue Line and The Man From Auntie. We Will Rock You. 15 best selling novels with five being #1 chart toppers. A career as a leader politic satirist… Continue reading

Spotlight On: Nobou Nakagawa


Horror fans know Japan is home to some of the strangest and most unique films of the horror genre. As these movies began to grow an international fanbase and directors like Takashi Miike,… Continue reading

Isobelle Carmody Interview, 2017 Perth Oz Comic Con


So, last year I did an interview with the wonderful author, Isobelle Carmody at Oz Comic Con, which you can read here. But I felt that interview was a bit long and in-depth… Continue reading

Isobelle Carmody Interview, 2016 Perth Oz Comic Con


With Oz Comic Con season starting up again here in Australia, I thought I might give you all a long overdue treat. Last year at Oz Comic Con in Perth we had the… Continue reading

The Writers of ‘Buffy’: What They Did Next


This past week there’s been a huge amount of attention on the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Understandable – it’s the best show ever (I’ll fight you on that) and it’s the 20… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Greg Rucka!


During Oz Comic-Con we were fortunate enough to chat with comic legend Greg Rucka. With many, many iconic titles and a plethora of awards under his belt Rucka is one of the most… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Tricia Helfer!


If there’s one image that defines top tier modern science-fiction it’s Number Six, the platinum blonde, red dressed Cylon from Battlestar Galactica. The actor behind this image is Tricia Helfer, now known for many popular… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!


Arthur Darvill is a man without much time on his hands. When he isn’t composing music, performing on stage or practising magic tricks he’s travelling through time in some of the best science-fiction… Continue reading

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