Category Archive: Mysteries and Intrigue

Cryptids in the Water


In the field of cryptozoology many of the most intriguing subjects are the mysterious animals who could be living in our lakes and rivers. Around the world people have been seeing bizarre creatures… Continue reading

Five Creepy Mysteries-SOLVED


Many of you who frequent this site are familiar with my series Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries, where I look into the unknown and unexplained. But with this particular article I feel like it… Continue reading

The Scariest Ghost Ships


The vast majority of this planet is covered in water creating an incredibly large area top serve as a breeding ground for legends and mysteries. If you read my series on Unsolved Mysteries… Continue reading

5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 28


Before we wrap up the year of 2017 I decided to once again look at some of the creepiest mysteries in our world. Submitted for your approval are tales of; a dream home… Continue reading

The Killers Behind ‘Mindhunter’


In their growing catalogue of critically acclaimed shows Netflix has added the new series Mindhunter. Based off of the early years of John Douglas as he and his mentor Robert K. Ressler (or… Continue reading

Most Haunted Houses in America


Despite being a relatively young nation, the United States has a rich history. Sometimes that history leaves a supernatural imprint on the land which it takes place, leaving spirits of the past remaining… Continue reading

5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 27


Now that summer has passed and the darkness falls quicker it is time to look once again at some of the strangest and creepiest mysteries in the world. Submitted for your approval I… Continue reading

Less Famous Cryptids


In the study of cryptozoology there are creatures who have become familiar to people to world over; Sasquatch, the Jersey Devil, chupacabra, and the Loch Ness Monster have become staples of pop culture… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo’


My hometown of Memphis, Tennessee is famous throughout the world for our cultural contributions to society. We have the best bar-b-que on the planet, we are the birthplace of the blues and rock… Continue reading

Ed & Lorraine Warren the Strangest Cases


In the field of the paranormal Ed and Lorraine Warren have been nothing short of controversial. They have achieved fame and fortune for their careers investigating the unknown, but the veracity of their… Continue reading

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