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Classic Scene: Werewolf Transformation


Werewolf transformation An American Werewolf in London (1981) Dir. John Landis The Scene: David sits and tries to take his mind off of everything by reading a book. But the moon looms overhead… Continue reading

Classic Scene: Insults at the Sandlot


Insults on the Sandlot From The Sandlot Directed by David M. Evans The Scene: Our ragtag group of baseball players are trying to enjoy a game in their beloved sandlot, when their storied… Continue reading

Classic Scene: Munchkin Land


Munchkin Land From the Wizard of Oz Directed by Victor Fleming, 1939 The Scene: Our hero Dorothy and her beloved dog Toto, have just been violently ripped out of their black and white… Continue reading

Classic Scene: “I’m Batman”


“I’m Batman” Batman Directed by Tim Burton, 1989 The Scene: Two street thugs in Gotham City have successfully just robbed a family and are going through the loot. Little do they know the… Continue reading

Classic Scene: “Victims…Aren’t We All”


“Victims aren’t we all” The Crow directed by: Alex Proyas The Scene: Having just been resurrected from the dead for the purpose of revenge on those who took everything from him, Eric Draven… Continue reading

Classic Scene: Frankenstein’s Creation


Frankenstein’s creation Frankenstein directed by James Whale, 1931 The Scene: Henry Frankenstein and his hunchback assistant Fritz (not Igor as popularly believed) finally decide that the dark and stormy night they are enduring… Continue reading

Avengers Month Classic Scene: Agent Coulson Kicks ALL the Ass


Ok, this is a bit of a cheat because it isn’t so much a scene but a short film – but I challenge anyone to think of a better scene to cap off… Continue reading

Avengers Month: Classic Scene – “You’ve Become Part of a Bigger Universe”


Iron Man (2008) Directed by Jon Favreau The Scene Tony Stark has been on one hell of an adventure. Living a life as a billionaire playboy genius at the top of a weapons… Continue reading

Classic Scene: “If you’ve got me, then who’s got you!?”


“If you’ve got me, then who’s got you?!” from Superman by Richard Donner 1978 The Scene: Thanks to a freak helicopter accident, Lois Lane is sent falling from a tall building with only the cold… Continue reading

Classic Scene: La Marseillaise


La Marseillaise from Casablanca by Michael Curtiz in 1942 The Scene: The visiting Nazi party decides to celebrate at Rick’s club, by starting a chorus of Die Wacht am Rhein much to the chagrin of everybody… Continue reading

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