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Who We Want to See in the Avengers Sequels


The Avengers is sure to be a super hit among comic-lovers and mainstream movie audiences alike. I am so convinced that there will be a sequel that I’ve already started concocting ideas of… Continue reading

Avengers Month: Casting the Rest of the Team


Call me crazy but I have the belief that this upcoming movie The Avengers will be a huge success. And because the only thing Hollywood likes besides successful superhero movies is more successful superhero movies… Continue reading

10 Actresses They Could Have Cast as Snow White


Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman are two Snow White movies being released this year and both are causing quite a stir. Not least of which is the fan’s reactions to… Continue reading

Casting Call: Birds of Prey


Since I love DC’s Birds of Prey, and I love casting things, I decided to combine those two things into a massive blog-worthy effort. So here’s part 1! Tell me what you think,… Continue reading

Casting Call: Mass Effect


With Mass Effect 3 finding it’s way into the hands of millions of fans around the globe soon I decided to bring the SciFi epic to our Casting Column.  A Mass Effect movie… Continue reading

10 Females I’d Like to See in Future Spider-Man Movies


I may be wrong to assume that there are going to be sequels to this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man but let’s be honest, it looks awesome and if the crap-fest that was Spiderman… Continue reading

Casting Call: Justice League Movie


As I have written about previously a Justice League movie would rock audiences if done right. Part of doing it right is casting the right people, and because I wish to continue to volunteer… Continue reading

Casting Call: Disney Princesses


Since there’s a slew of fairy-tale remakes that have been or are being made lately, I thought I’d share my thoughts on who I would cast as the ever-famous Disney Princesses. Renee Olstead… Continue reading

Green Arrow TV Series Wishlist


When The CW proposed a Green Arrow TV show, I didn’t really take them that seriously. Superhero projects get greenlit all the time and never make it to production. Lo and behold, The… Continue reading

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