10 Possible Roles for Mads Mikkelsen in Thor 2

So about a month ago it was released that Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was up for a villain role in  Thor 2. You probably remember him best as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale or maybe as Draco in the newer Clash of the Titans (pictured).  Whether he’s the main villain role or a supporting role is still unseen. What we do know is that Loki is still going to be involved in the movie somehow (but honestly, Loki’s relationship with Thor is more complicated than simply antagonist), and Feige has talked about wanting to explore other realms/planets with Thor and show that not all of Asgard is shiny and gold. Here are 10 characters Mads could be based on what we already know (ranked by likeliness).

10. Kurse

First appearance: Thor #347

Story: Kurse was originally the dark elf known as Algrim the Strong. He was dropped into a magma pit by his ally, Malekith, but he blames Thor. He was saved by his enchanted armor, but he lost all of his memories except for Thor “dropping” him into the pit.

Likeliness: Slim to none. Kurse sort of represents the dark side to the magical realms that Kevin Feige hinted at for the sequel, i just don’t think he is that popular of a character. He would also need a severe appearance overhaul since I think he looks pretty dumb.

9. Zarrko

First appearance: Journey Into Mystery #86

Story: Zarrko is a mad scientist and time traveler. He lives in a possible future where Thor took over the world. He travels to the present to prevent that from happening.

Likeliness: Slim to none, but maybe better than Kurse. Mads doesn’t share any appearance similiarties with Zarrko, but Zarrko does share thematic qualities that started in The Avengers, specifically The Council’s mistrust of Thor and Asgard.

8. Wrecker

First appearance: Thor #148

Story: A small time criminal who used a crowbar to break into a motel room housing a de-powered Loki . The crowbar was then empowered with Asgardian magics granting him super strength and making his crowbar invulnerable. He would go on to found the Wrecking Crew, a group of construction themed super villains powered by Asgardian magic.

Likeliness: Slim, I doubt they would use the Wrecker without the Wrecking Crew. The group has become inseparable at this point. The Wrecker is also a pretty blue collar regular dude kind of villain. Mads ability to be creepy and eccentric would be wasted on Wrecker.

7. Beyonder

First appearance: Secret Wars #1

Story: The Beyonder is an omnipotent being who became interested in Earth and its superpowered champions when the Molecule Man got his powers. His curiosity inspired him to create his own “Battleworld,” out of multiple planets. His motivation is to understand desire, something a being of his power never understood.

Likeliness: Medium to slim. The Beyonder is more of an all hands on deck kind of big bad, but if any of the Marvel ilk were to take him on in a solo adventure it would probably be Thor. I think Mads would kill it as a god with no perspective. That kind of character could be dangerous because it could come off as a lack of personality and thus boring, but Mads could make it work. It also relates to Feige’s comments about using Thor to explore other worlds.

6. Desak

First appearance: Thor Annual 2001

Story: Desak was a simple man from another planet who prayed to a god named Kronnitt. Kronnitt calls for sacrifices, and Desak’s daughter was one of them. When Kronnitt smited them anyway, Desak is visited by a spirit who offers him power. He accepted and defeated Kronnitt. He now believes his mission is to travel realm to realm killing gods.

Likeliness: Medium. A god-killer would obviously be a great villain to Thor, but no one really prays to Thor or any of the other Asgardians anymore so I am not sure who he is protecting. Regardless, he also represents the bigger universe that Feige was interested in exploring.

5. Ronan the Accuser

First appearance: Fantastic Four #65

Story: Ronan is a member of the Kree alien race who can track his lineage back to the tribes of their home planet, Hala. He exceled in school and training camp in the Kree Public Accuser Corps. During an incident on their borders, Ronan fought back Skrull invaders earning him the title of Supreme Accuser, responsible for enforcing the laws of the Kree’s Supreme Intelligence.

Likeliness: Medium to Good. Ronan the Accuser does exactly the same thing as Dasak, relates to the bigger universe that Feige wants, but he also introduces the Kree empire. Given that the Kree-Skrull War was such a big story in the Avengers comics, it would make sense to build up to that for another Avengers movie. It would just be unfortunate if Ronan was tied up in the Fantastic Four rights. The only thing that would really hurt its chances is that Mads is not as big as Ronan is usually portrayed, but more on that later.

4. Colonel Preston Case

First appearance: Thor #1

Story: Preston Case was a colonel in the US Army. He was very frustrated to learn that his new assignment involved babysitting the Destroyer armor. During that assignment, his mind was trapped inside the armor and went on a rampage only to be stopped by Thor.

Likeliness: Good. I do think that Colonel Case has a good chance to appear in a future Thor movie. Afterall, by the end of the first movie, the Destroyer armor was rendered inert and confiscated by SHIELD (although I could be remembering wrong).

3. Ulik

First appearance: Thor #137

Story: Most of Ulik’s story is a mystery. He is one of the most powerful and deadliest of the Rock Trolls, but it is unknown how he became so. He has been one of Thor’s most consistent enemies and has held his own against him on more than one occasion.

Likeliness: Good to great. Ulik is a main Thor baddie and will get screen time eventually. Mads would definitely bring the intensity needed for the role. (see Valhalla Rising). Unfortunately. this is another role that requires a certain stature, but they could theoretically do the same thing they did with Laufrey seeing as Colm Feore is far from a giant as well.

2. Skurge, the Executioner

First appearance: Journey into Mystery #103

Story: Skurge is an Asgardian warrior. He was banned from Asgard for siding with Enchantress who usually used him to fight Thor. Skurge is blinded by his love for Enchantress and believes she loves him back.

Likeliness: Good to great. More so than Ulik, Skurge has definitely head butted with Thor on a pretty consistent basis. He is also usually portrayed with muscles on top of muscles, but like I said before, Mads can bring some serious intensity (see Valhalla Rising again). I would not be surprised if they use Mads screen presence to make characters like Skurge and Ronan seem larger than life rather than literally large.

1. Cul, The Serpent

First Appearance: Fear Itself #1

Story: The Serpent is the Asgardian God of Fear and brother to Odin. Ages ago, Odin locked him away in the Marianas Trench on Earth. He is also believed to be the serpent who is prophesied to kill Thor instead of the original belief, that Thor would be killed  by the Midgard Serpent.

Likeliness: Great. Mads shares a passing resemblance to the character. Its easy to hide differences considering Cul’s facial hair, but Cul also has a more reasonable body frame. The likeliness of this character is actually slimmer than I make him out to be considering how NEW he is in the Marvel universe, but he is just so badass and Mads would kill his dictator-like combination of charm and villainy.