20 of the Most Inexplicable Viral Youtube Videos

By Appa the Gypsy

A while back I did a post on the 20 of the Most Useless Websites Ever, and it was incredibly popular. So I thought, hey! Let’s try that again! With videos!

I tried really hard to think of a word other than “inexplicable” to describe the videos in this post, but I couldn’t. Inexplicable is what they are. No point denying that now.

So, this is a list, in no particular order, of twenty really weird, really popular viral videos that really make me question humanity…

Evolution of Dance

Ok. This one is actually really good, and it’s not a part of my list. I just felt like I should start with something really awesome, because, you know… it’s pretty much just downhill from here. Y’all should watch it. Really.

Now for the ones I really can’t explain…

Number One:

Charlie Bit My Finger

Last I heard, this was supposed to be the most viewed youtube video, or something. I don’t get it. Ok. Yeah. These kids are pretty cute. I question the sanity of the parent who just sits there while one of their kids bites their other kid’s finger, but the kids are pretty cute. Still. 459,860,610 views when I located the video for this post. Why? Nothing happens in that video to justify that number of views. NOTHING!

Number Two:

Double Rainbow

What does it meeeeaaaaannnn?!!

Number Three:    

Charlie the Unicorn

Ok. I like this one. Don’t believe me? Shun the non-believer!! Shuuuunnnnnnn!! And… there’s a musical number at the end! It’s practically a Disney movie! Except… not. I think what is really inexplicable about this video is not that it’s gotten so many views, but that it got made in the first place. WHO COMES UP WITH THINGS LIKE THIS?! AND WHY?!?!

Number Four:      

Ultimate Dog Tease


Number Five:     

The Duck Song

It’s a duck. Trolling a guy at a lemonade stand. In the form of a song. Yeah…

Number Six:

Will It Blend? – Ipad

This appeared to be the most popular Will It Blend video, and for obvious reasons. You only expect him to blend the thing, not fold it in half first. I think the most amazing thing about these videos is that you know the guy is going to blend what he says he’s going to blend, but every time, I swear I must think he’s going to chicken out or something, because I’m still shocked when he actually does it… Do you reckon he gets paid to do this, or is it just for kicks?

Number Seven:

Do You Like Waffles?

Best. Song. Ever.

Number Eight:

David After Dentist


Number Nine:

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Wait. So this was just a song before it had a dancing banana video to go with it? That I did not know.

Number Ten:

Leeroy Jenkins

Until making this post, I had no idea where that Leeroy Jenkins thing came from. That’s how far this video has made it.

Number Eleven:

The Annoying Orange

I don’t even…

Number Twelve: 

The Sneezing Baby Panda

I think I can explain why this went viral. IT’S ADORABLE!!! And it makes me laugh every time. The panda’s just eating, and then suddenly… THE BABY PANDA SNEEZES!!!

Number Thirteen: 

Mr. Trololo

I don’t get why this gets shared so much. I just… don’t understand it. And why is he called Mr Trololo? Does he ever actually say “Trololo”? If he does, I never hear that bit.

Number Fourteen:


Coz they are so awesome?

Number Fifteen:

Teleporting Cat

WHAT MAKES SOMEONE FILM THAT?!?! I mean, it’s possibly one of the coolest cat videos ever, but what makes someone film that to begin with? And what makes them post it on the internet? I don’t… know.

Number Sixteen:

Power Thirst

So… is Power Thirst a real drink? Seriously. Can someone answer me that? Has anyone ever seen it in a store or really bought it? I doubt they sell it in Australia, if it is real, so I’d like to know if anyone else out there has ever bought Power Thirst? And did it make them have four hundred babies?

Number Seventeen:

Cows & Cows & Cows

This is just weird. I just… what?

Number Eighteen:

The Rick Roll – Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up

I… don’t really understand why, with all the music videos that exist, this one has become so famous in such a way. I don’t think anyone can explain this one.

Wait… so, did I just Rick Roll you guys? My bad.

Number Nineteen:

Drama Prairie Dog

What the heck is a prairie dog? And why is it all over the internet? Just… why?

Number Twenty:

Rebecca Black – Friday

I think we can thank the people who watched this video and then shared it with other people for the other songs Rebecca Black has done and possibly might do in the future. It’s all your fault. Well done. Thanks so much. If you’d just… not done that… there wouldn’t be an acoustic version of this song. There really wouldn’t.

Are you now really and truly concerned for the human race as well? Don’t worry! We have a button for that!

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Or… just watch this… I swear it’s worth it.

Got any other weird, random, inexplicable viral videos that you’ve come across? Share them in the comments! I’ve had fun checking out some of the suggestions I’ve gotten so far.