The 20 Most Useless Websites Ever

No. I have not.

A List of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY

Believe it or not, Appa found ANOTHER 20 Useless Websites! PART TWO!!

Ok, so you are going to get to the end of this post and seriously wonder how I found all of these webpages. Some of them I just knew about. I asked people about pointless webpages, and they told me about some that they knew about. And at some point I just started googling random stuff, and that’s how I got the rest. But, believe me, the internet is full of way more useless stuff than this.

1. Is It Christmas?

You can see what got me onto the train of thought that led me to this post, can’t you? This website tells you if it’s Christmas or not. One day a year, the website says “YES”, every other day, it says “NO”. Useful if you’re Santa, I suppose, although I always told myself that Santa was a little more organised than that.

2. Is Nickelback the Worst Band Ever?

Because you need a website to answer this question for you… On this website the answer is yet to change. Too bad if you disagree, I suppose, because we all know that everything on the internet is most definitely true. Always.

3. Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?

Wondering if Margaret Thatcher is still alive and kicking? Look no further! This website has the answer! This one may be in bad taste, but it’s still just as pointless as the rest.

4. The Magic Button – Make Everything Ok

Bless whoever made page. Just… bless you.

5. The Really Big Button That Doesn’t Do Anything

The title of the page is really misleading. Just saying…

6. The Dots

These dots do not do anything. Really.

Maybe it’s useless, maybe it’s not. If you were to ask me on a Monday…

7. Timeline

Most amazing site ever. It tells you the time, down to the second, the date, and what day it is. Only it told me the wrong year…. Don’t look at it too long, though. I think it’s bad for you… I just get that kind of feeling.

8. Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Why does this webpage exist? I really don’t know. But someone put a little too much effort into it, and something tells me they’re going to be running out of legit content very soon. Bring on the photoshopping.

9. Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea?

My sources tell me that this page said no for a very long time. But, no longer. Wondering how long it took? Don’t worry. This webpage answers that question too.

10. Instant Rimshot

Did you just make a really funny joke? Wish you had a sound effect to indicate just how funny your joke was? Problem solved. Just don’t do what I did and have the volume on your headphones up really loud when you press the giant red button…

11. Virtual Bubble Wrap

Saves plastic, I guess. Not quite as therapeutic as the real thing.

12. Non-Stop Nyan Cat!

Why does this exist? It records how long you last, and you can tweet your score. Why? On a side note, I lasted 3242.8 seconds before I had to go to bed. I then noticed that my head was throbbing… weird.

Possibly the funniest thing you will ever see…

13. Zombo

This is actually kind of cool. Really and truly pointless, but still cool.

14. Dodge the Dot


15. Virtual Stapler

Weirdly entertaining. Please don’t get addicted.

16. A Dot For Each Second

Keeps track of your day by changing the colour of one dot for every second. Why? I do not know.

17. Rainymood

I actually love this site. Maybe it’s not really that pointless. Listening to rain is very relaxing. Handy for when you’re studying.

18. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

I did not succeed.

19. Blank

You’ll never guess what you’re going to find on this page. You’d better check it out.

20. Is My Computer On?

My favourite so far. Click the link to find out! You’ll never figure out the answer to this question without visiting this webpage.

Wolverine or 2 Batmen?

Know of any more pointless webpages? Put them in the comments! Some of them can be really fascinating.