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Marvel Villains Casting Call


If you had told me ten years ago that not only would Marvel be combining their most popular characters into a singular universe; I would have told you they did that back in… Continue reading

Casting Call: The Next Bond Villain


After Skyfall broke the bank with over a billion dollars worldwide and was a huge hit with fans and critics alike (even taking home a pair of Oscars) all eyes are on the… Continue reading

Casting Call: The Next Bond Girl


Skyfall was (not surprisingly) a huge hit and fans everywhere are eager to hear what will be next for James Bond. Since Daniel Craig has already said he wants to return as Bond… Continue reading

Bring Forth the Bard! Casting “King Lear”


Where is Shakespeare, why has the Bard been so ignored in the last decade? Is his high collar just not in vogue anymore? Why, when we finally do get an adaptation, are we… Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 3: Guide to the New Characters


First thing that viewers sitting down to Game of Thrones will notice is that there are a buttload of characters. Dozens of them. The second season introduced so many new characters they skipped over… Continue reading

Casting Call: Justice League International


A Justice League movie has already been announced that will no doubt star the most famous heroes from DC Comics like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. With DC’s New 52 reboot came the… Continue reading

Casting Call: Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Dark Universe’


Guillermo del Toro is infamous for getting ahead of himself. It is pretty much because he gets so damned excited about upcoming projects, he spills the beans before the project is ready to… Continue reading

Casting Call: Deadpool’s Supporting Cast


by Slam Adams! Ryan Reynolds has been unofficially connected to the Deadpool movie ever since he did Blade: Trinity. When he finally got his chance in the first Wolverine movie, they pretty much… Continue reading

10 Indie Comics for the Big Screen


posted by Slam Adams You may have seen an awesome animated short making its rounds around the internet based on the Dark Horse comic, The Goon, and featuring the voices of Clancy Brown… Continue reading

Casting Call: Red Dead Redemption


Ever since it was released in 2010, talks of a Red Dead Redemption film have been circling the net. Truthfully, I would really like to see a film version, the story is great… Continue reading

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