Casting Call: ‘Fables’ (Part 1)

It’s recently been announced that DC’s Fables Comics will be turned into a feature film. While many would agree that the story’s length and intricacy might be better suited to a television show; nonetheless, fans like myself are excited to see the movie brought to life. Although I have no idea which storyline the film will focus on and who out of the many characters will be included, here are my ideas of who should star in the Fables film.


Jaimie Alexander as Snow White

Alexander has the right mix of stern and soft to play the woman who runs Fabletown. She’s been jaded in the past but doesn’t let that stop her from being the most successful of all the Fable characters. She’s beautiful, bold, and even a little bad ass.


Benicio Del Toro as Bigby Wolf

Del Toro is perfect to play the sarcastic and snarky Bigby Wolf, Fabletown’s sheriff. He has the right look for the werewolf and the right deep voice to deliver Bigby’s attitude-filled lines. On top of that, Del Toro always seems to know what’s going on, something a sheriff needs. Plus, he already has some experience with lycanthropy.


Josh Holloway as Jack Horner

Besides the obvious physical resemble, Holloway is the perfect candidate to play the troublemaker Jack of Fables. Jack is so popular in his adventurous ways that he even got his own spin-off, something that I believe Holloway could handle without skipping a beat. He’s got that grin that says “I’m up to no good” down pat.


Eddie Cibrian as Prince Charming

Prince Charming is Fabletown’s resident playboy but despite his womanizing ways, he has proven himself to be a strong leader. Eddie Cibrian has the face and the attitude to achieve that balance.


Chyler Leigh as Rose Red

Resident party girl and eventual farm manager of Fabletown, Rose Red knows how to have fun and act young. Leigh’s youthful face and spunky attitude (as evident on Grey’s Anatomy) is perfectly fitting to play Rose Red even after she becomes less party girl and more independent working girl. Plus she looks good in any hair color.


David Boreanaz as Beast

Beast is a physically strong man with an even stronger connection to his wife, Beauty. They are a strong team who work together to help run Fabletown despite the fact that he turns into a monster whenever she’s made at him. David Boreanaz could play this part very well.


Sienna Guillory as Beauty

Sienna would be perfect to play Beauty; the other half of Fabletown’s best couple. She also deserves her big break in the US and this would be the perfect role for her since Beauty is a strong but caring character who can take charge of a situation.


William Moseley as Boy Blue

Boy Blue is the character all the girls will fall in love with; handsome and brave with a heart of gold. He’s down-to-earth and willing to die for his countrymen. William Moseley could definitely play this character.


Bryce Dallas Howard as Briar Rose

Briar Rose is one of Prince Charming’s ex-wives and plays an integral part in many Fable s storylines since she still carries her sleeping curse. Her role isn’t large but it is important and Bryce Dallas Howard would bring more importance to it.


Alice Eve as Cinderella

Cinderella is another of Prince Charming’s ex-wives. She lives a double life as a shoe-selling socialite and secret Fabletown spy. Alice Eve has experience in this sort of role and would be perfect as the beautiful butt-kicker Cinderella.


Jaime Pressly as Goldilocks

Goldilocks is a shrewd and feisty villain and political agitator. Jaime Pressly is spunky and sassy and would be perfect for this part.


Bernard Fox as Old King Cole

Old King Cole is the lovable but somewhat useless mayor of Fabletown. Bernard Fox has an affinity for this type of role and would bring some sweet humor to the film.


Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mowgli

Mowgli is a Fabletown “tourist” who embarks on a mission for Prince Charming. He is an loyal solider and ally to all Fables and Sendhil Ramamurthy has the right charisma to play this sort of hero.


Margarita Levieva as Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is a mysterious figure from Boy Blue’s past who turns out to be sort of an engima. Margarita Levieva has a haunting beauty and attitude that would work well for this role.

Stay turned for Part 2 where I cast even more Fables characters!