Who We Want to See in the Avengers Sequels

The Avengers is sure to be a super hit among comic-lovers and mainstream movie audiences alike. I am so convinced that there will be a sequel that I’ve already started concocting ideas of who I’d like to see in it and who could play them. This movie features 6 of the main Avengers but is missing some of the most famous of all including Wasp, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. Not to mention the lack of diversity. Nick Fury shouldn’t be the only non-Caucasian hero in the movie and there are plenty of awesome Avengers that can join up including Luke Cage and the already popular Storm. And since Black Widow is the only female, it seems necessary that a sequel would get some more superheroines. Ms. Marvel and Scarlett Witch are obvious choices but there’s a bunch more than could be added. Below I have outlined who I’d like to see starring in an Avengers sequel and why.


Wasp is perhaps the most popular Avengers female, which is understandable since she’s a founding member. I understand why she may have been too difficult to translate to the big screen initially, but sequels are supposed to be bigger and better so why not add the supremely gorgeous, witty, fashion-forward kick-ass heroine that is Wasp? Janet van Dyne has the power to fly, emit electro-blasts, and change her size. She would be a force to be reckoned with and her sunny disposition would balance out Black Widow’s stoic personality. Morena Baccarin is not only beautiful and talented, but her role as Inara on Firefly would translate perfectly into the role of Janet. Not to mention she already has an in with Joss Whedon.


You can’t have Wasp without her (now ex) husband Henry Pym aka Ant-Man, another founding member of The Avengers. Pym is a brilliant scientist who could be an asset to the team both in and out of the lab with his talent of changing his size. I know many people want Nathan Fillion to play Pym but I think that’s the worst choice of all. Ant-Man is essentially a fun-sucking sponge. While the other Avengers are busy fighting bad guys, he constantly wines about making peace instead of war and ends up putting everyone in danger doing so. From what I’ve seen of Patrick Wilson on screen, he would be able to pull this off without being a total unlikable jerk.

Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers would not only be a strong female presence on the team, but a strong female leader as well. Danvers commands respect when she walks in a room, just as I imagine Kate Winslet does. They’re both leagues beyond others in their prospective groups (movie stars and superheroes of course) and are strong female figures who can lead the pack and play with the boys. Kate Winslet has done it all and now I think it’s time she try her hand at an action movie. What better role for her than that of super powered, kick-ass, beautiful and mature leader Ms. Marvel.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is one the main players of the Avengers. Wanda Maximoff is recruited to The Avengers by Tony Stark and becomes friends with Hawkeye (a platonic male-female relationship would be refreshing). She uses her powers of manipulation to change probabilities and chaos magic. It’s something that hasn’t been done yet and if they can make a Norse God realistic, then this should be no problem. Stana Katic is already a television star but is she got the role of Wanda in an Avengers sequel, it would be a perfect way to make her a film star as well.

Black Panther

T’Challa is heir to the African kingdom of Wakanda and an elusive superhero who wields enhanced senses. He has long been considered one of the main players in The Avengers and leaving him out of a sequel would be an almost criminal offense. Mensah plays Oenomeus on Starz’s Spartacus and I can’t think of any more badass character in the history of television. He has the same mysterious air about him that T’Challa has. He himself was born in Ghana and would be the perfect embodiment of the Black Panther in every way.


While it may seem redundant to have Mockingbird on a team that already has a non-super powered female spy, Bobbi brings something new to the table. She has a doctorate in biology, something that could lend a hand in future missions and her relationship with Hawkeye could make for an interesting love triangle. Jennifer Morrison has the right balance between sweet and tough that you need to play Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird. While she is a hardened warrior, she can also be light-hearted and fun at the same time.


Even though we’ve seen Storm already in the X-Men movies, I think she deserves a reboot. No offense to Halle but an Avengers version of Storm can be even more badass. Garcelle Beauvais is not only beautiful and regal in the commanding way that Ororo Munroe is, but she’s a seasoned actress and I think deserving of a more breakout role. As a more recent member of the Avengers, there’s more leeway to develop her storyline and decide how she will fit into the team. It might even be interesting to see her as a mutant clashing with the non-mutant humans.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage has an accident that ended with him gaining superpowers: almost impervious skin and super strength. Combined with his accelerated healing power, Cage is a force to be reckoned with. While he does have super powers, Cage is a more relatable character than billionare Tony Stark and could bring a bit of every-man into the story. I choose Shemar Moore to play him because he’s already halfway there in his role as tough but lovable detective Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds.


Patsy Walker is just the right mix between having superpowers and being an everyday girl. While she does have some enhanced abilities, they pale in comparison to those of Thor or The Hulk. I think she would make a nice middle ground player for the team. Felicia Day is already geek royalty and her ties to Joss Whedon make her an excellent candidate for the role of feisty redhead Patsy Walker. She’s already proven she can be more than just the awkward nerdy girl with her webseries “Dragon Age: Redemption.” I think she’d be a refreshing add-on to the already heavy with superstar cast just as the ex-model’s martial arts and psychic abilities would be to the Avengers team.


I think it’d be fun to have a female with super powers, especially a British import. She’d be able to compete with the boys the way Black Widow can’t. I can imagine Tony Stark hitting on her even now. Jessica Drew has a long history with SHIELD that would make for a good story and Gemma Arterton is just the British beauty for the part. Not only does she look like a comic book drawing, but she has lengthy experience in action movies and quite a bit of talent.


There really is no convinving that has to be done for Jackman in the role. Wolverine was easily the best part of the X-Men movies and I know fans would be ecstatic to see him join The Avengers. His temper would provide fodder for the other characters and his skills and talents would prove useful in battle.